The international distributor is present in Cannes with a vast catalog of “trendy big-budget TV series for a very wide audience”, composed of the best productions from the Russian group’s catalog.

As the world slowly but surely gets back on its feet after the global pandemic that halted productions and affected all sides of the TV industry, platforms and broadcasters are now back to searching for content and returning to the traditional markets, presenting an opportunity for producers and distributors to showcase their newest titles.

“I would say that 2022 was still challenging, as many companies were recovering from the hardships of the past couple years due to the many Covid restrictions we all had to deal with. However, it is evident that the market is coming back on track and it is great to see that the content industry has new and exciting projects to offer to global partners”, said in this regard Sam Galanov, CEO of Sene Media.

The current demand for content has, in addition, become more varied, as the executive explains, aimed at feeding an audience that has become “multi-cultural”.

“Since Covid, media companies remain unsure of their budgets and quota. Hence, they select content topics and its quality more carefully. Speaking of trending genres, dramas, shows for women, and period dramas keep topping the list. Action films with a special focus on detective and mystical stories are in demand as well”, he explained.

“There is a strong demand for content from this broad and rich cultural storehouse of international entertainment programming. This is what we at Sene Media intend to highlight at this upcoming market event”, he added in reference to the company’s presence at the current Mipcom, which is taking place this week in Cannes and where Sene Media is presenting a catalog of content from Russia TV and Radio, composed of “trendy big-budget TV series for a very wide audience”.

Topping the list is the period drama Elizaveta, “definitely the gem of our catalogue”, he said. “It is an exciting adventure drama about the crown princess facing dangers, court intrigues, poisoning, and evil plots on her way to becoming the Empress”.

The company is also presenting The Blood Widow, which follows the story of a cruel noblewoman who became Russia’s first female serial killer.

Then there’s the high-end drama ‎On the Edge, based on true story of three young women who ended up in a terrorist camp and tried to escape. And last but not least, The Son, a‎ detective drama which is a touching story about mother love and a woman who is not giving up on finding her lost son.

“In addition to reestablishing contact with our old partners, we are looking forward to meeting and establishing new partnerships. Our hope and desire is to reignite the market with exciting new content,” the executive said.

As for the end of the year, Sene Media is already planning its presence at Mip Cancun, where it will be presenting its contents and looking to build new relationships with the Latin markets. “Latin America is one of the most growing markets with high interest in period dramas and melodramas. The content we are presenting meet these demands”, he concluded.