The local version of the Australian series will be titled Sin novedad and will be produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Spain.

Before its launch in Spain, HBO Max revealed a new local original fiction series (called Max Originals), in addition to the already launched ¡García!, Todo lo otro and Venga Juan.

This Thursday they announced the green light and the start of production of the six 25-minute episodes of the Max Original series Sin novedad, a comedy about how an apparently routine police surveillance operation ends up totally out of control.

Based on the Australian series No Activity, the Spanish series is produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Spain for HBO Max.

The No Activity series was created by Trent O’Donnell and Patrick Brammall, produced by Jungle Entertainment and is represented by Tyler Massey of MassMedia International.

The cast of Sin novedad is led by some of the most acclaimed Spanish comedians: Arturo Valls, Carlos Areces, Pilar Castro, Adriana Torrebejano, Toni Acosta and Omar Banana, and will feature cameos and guest appearances by other comedians throughout the series. .

The Spanish adaptation will be directed by Rodrigo Sopeña (La hora de José Mota, LOL) who, together with Álex Mendíbil (Camera Café), has co-written all the episodes.

The series follows two policemen on a night watch, two inspectors who coordinate the operation from the police station switchboard, and a couple of criminals, all of them waiting to “take action.” However, when nothing really happens, they begin to fill in the silences with anecdotes and stories about their intimacy, ending up exposing their oddities, secrets and true personalities along the way. This boring night watch will unexpectedly become the most important case of their lives.

Arturo Valls and Carlos Areces are the incognito policemen, Pilar Castro and Adriana Torrebejano become the police station agents, and Toni Acosta and Omar Banana play the criminals.

Sebastián Moguilevsky, Managing Director of Warner Bros. ITVP Spain and Portugal, commented: “Since we started this project, we knew we had something very special on our hands. The humor in Quiet lies in the characters’ relationships, interactions with each other, and the seemingly pointless conversations they have while waiting. The secret of the series is in the combination of a very powerful script and a fabulous cast of comedians. Fortunately, we have both”.

Miguel Salvat, Executive Producer of HBO Max, added: “It is an opportunity for the great names of comedy in Spain to unleash their enormous talent. We know that this is a format that has been very successful worldwide and now, in the hands of some of the best and brightest talents in comedy in Spain, on and off screen, I am sure it will also be a success here”.

Miguel Salvat and Antonio Trashorras are executive producers of HBO Max. Clara Nieto is an executive producer for Warner Bros. ITVP Spain. Production services for the series are provided by Warner Bros. ITVP Spain.

No Activity

No Activity first aired in Australia in 2015, as the first original in the history of streaming service Stan, and had a second season a year later.

In 2017 CBS All Access (now Paramount+) launched the American adaptation, with actors such as Patrick Brammall, Tim Meadows, Will Ferrel, Bob Odenkirk, JK Simmons or Sunita Mani, whose success has so far brought him four seasons, the last one in an animated version. .

The format has also been adapted to other territories: the Netherlands and Belgium released two versions in 2020, Germany is currently producing its second season, and two seasons have already been commissioned in the Middle East.