Viacom Digital Studios International will develop short contents through regional production hubs in Latin America, Europe and Asia, which will be released exclusively through the Facebook video platform.

On Tuesday, Viacom Digital Studios International (VDSI) announced an alliance with Facebook to produce short-form content for its Facebook Watch platform in key territories.

The Viacom division will use regional production hubs to develop content for Facebook audiences in Latin America, Asia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France.

In Latin America, VDSI will produce series of eight episodes, which vary from four to eight minutes each. The list includes Useless Life-Hacks, which mocks videos that present solutions to problems that aren’t really problems, and Na Quebrada, a game show format that “addresses the universe of the Brazilian ghetto,” hosted by comedian Thiago Ventura .

In the United Kingdom, the division will produce several digital shows as spin-offs of its series, such as Geordie More (Geordie Shore spin-off), More Love and More Lies (True Love or True Lies? spin-off); or JTOU: What Was I Inking? (spin-off of Just Tattoo of Us).

And in Asia, VDSI and MTV Asia will produce series starring Asian influencers, including 5 in 5, starring celebrities; The Ride, which will give celebrities the opportunity to tell their story; or Positive Inking, which will highlight young people who have experienced significant situations in their lives.

“Content in America and Asia is being created as part of the new Facebook Watch programs starring local figures, being exclusive to the platform,” the partners said in the announcement.

“We are committed to reaching all audiences, everywhere,” said Brendan Yam, VPS of Viacom Digital Studios International. “By partnering with Facebook, we are harnessing the power of our globally recognized brands and leveraging local production and talent capabilities to drive engagement with digital audiences worldwide.”

Viacom launched VDSI in 2018 as the creator of digital content for the company’s network and brand portfolio outside the US.