Having premiered several of the Brazilian giant’s titles on linear TV, Univision is now taking Globo’s new productions to its AVOD service, including telenovelas El Tiempo No Para, El Otro Lado del Paraíso, and kids’ series Escuela de Genios, Hora del Rock and Valentins.

Soon after the great success of Dulce Ambición in Univision’s primetime – which ended last Monday, March 1st, and has placed the channel in second place of rating – now it is the turn of the new Globo productions that have reached PrendeTV, Univision’s streaming service, created exclusively for the Spanish audience in the United States with 100% free programming in Spanish, to have a shot at it.

The successful telenovelas El Tiempo No Para, El Otro Lado del Paraíso, and the first season of the Gloob kid series Escuela de Genios, Hora del Rock and Valentins are among the novelties, which will delight the publics of different ages.

Written by Mario Teixeira and under the artistic direction of Leonardo Nogueira, the telenovela El Tiempo No Para shows how amusing is the story of a family frozen in 1886 and that awakens in the current days in the capital of São Paulo. After 132 years, the Sabino Machado family faces a pulsating and turbulent São Paulo, and gets involved in countless situations that show shocks of different natures in the face of contemporary society. Among the actors are Juliana Paiva (of Querer Sin Límites), Nicolas Prattes (of Rock Story), Edson Celulari (of Querer Sin Límites), Rosi Campos (of Dulce Ambición) and Christiane Torloni (of India – Una Historia de Amor).

On the other hand, El Otro Lado del Paraíso, licensed to 85 countries, tells the story of Clara (Bianca Bin, of ¡Qué Vida Buena!), who lives in Jalapão, in the state of Tocantins, in Brazil, together with her grandfather Josafá (Lima Duarte, of Aruanas). Her change to her destiny is sealed when she met Gael (Sérgio Guizé, of Dulce Ambición), the heir of a family in Palmas, who spends a few days on vacation in the place. The attraction between the two was immediate and she, not having any doubt of what she feels, gives herself into that passion, which will take her from heaven down to hell. The work, whose narrative stands out for its plot filled with love, ambition and vengeance, has the mark of Walcyr Carrasco (of Dulce Ambición) and the overall direction of André Felipe Binder.

For the kids, the series Escuela de Genios brings the story of Isaac (Kaik Pereira), a public school student who is invited to attend a school for students with special abilities. In this school he meets Maya (Mel Bayde), a computer science genius, somewhat rebellious and a lover of radical sports who is looking for her father whom she never knew; Luiza (Giovanna Colucci), a girl with super-memory, capable of recalling what she had for lunch three months ago; Otto (Cauã Martins), a chemistry genius who doesn’t know how to say “no” and will be his roommate; and Tesla (Júlia Mendes), a robotics genius who sees Isaac as an adversary. Extremely insane projects, friendship and fun are mixed up in the institutions daily life and in the life of these friends. The production was created by Angela Hirata and viewed in more than 30 countries.

Awarded with the prize for best animation at the 2017 Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, the animation Hora del Rock tells the story of four very unpopular kids: Fred, Bea, Duda and Chewie, who are part of a very peculiar gang: they only play video game instruments. When his chaotic cat, Spark, bites the energy control board, the game is transformed into a time machine. From there, whenever they play, the four can be transported to any place in the past. But, of course, they end by getting in troubles and change the course of history.

Licensed for countries like Russia, Colombia, Sweden, Israel, Uruguay, Angola, Mozambique and Sri Lanka, the series Valentins tells the story of the four sons of the scientists Alice (Cláudia Abreu) and Artur (Guilherme Weber), who live in a house with the family in pre-internet times. When the parents have mysteriously disappeared, the brothers are left to their own fate and end up forced to face all types of fears and threats, in addition to the presence of an unexpected adversary.