TTV+ Buyers: What Are They Looking For?

Julia Valyaeva, Acquisitions Manager at TRBC Ukraine, spoke to TTV+ about the content she’s looking for in the international market.

TTVMedia, through its TTV+ platform and backed by Eccho Rights, launched the initiative Buyers: What Are They Looking For? during Miptv, to find out more about international buyers’ programming needs.

The interviews were conducted through the base of over 5,000 buyers registered on TTV+, a 24/7 online marketplace where buyers can look through catalogs from thousands of companies, and in which distributors can contact them to close businesses.

This time, we present Julia Valyaeva, Acquisitions Manager at TRBC Ukraine.

What type of content are you looking for?

At this moment we are looking for different formats. I would say mostly entertainment formats for prime time, and scripted formats as well. Generally we are looking for prime time formats.

When talking about scripted formats, it could be different dramas. Our viewers really like Cinderella stories as well.

What should a production have in order to catch your eye?

First of all it should be something new because our viewers are spoiled because we produce a lot of formats by ourselves and at the same time we are looking for new ideas.

That’s why it definitely should be something new. It should be something for prime time. If we’re talking about a prime time format it should definitely be with celebrities.

Any specific content that has worked well over the last 12 months?

We produced a really good show which is called I’m a Singer. It was a really big success on our channel. Which is why we are so happy we acquired this format.