The Mediapro Studio hosted a breakfast during the first day of Natpe to present its new projects, including the international thriller The Doctor, together with Paraiso Pictures and Assaf Bernstein, director of Fauda.

Already having made waves with the announcement of its deal with Brazilian producer Boutique Filmes to co-produce the futuristic series To Kill a Queen, The Mediapro Studio became the star of the first day of Natpe Miami this Tuesday.

The Spanish giant presented its newest initiatives today, including international thriller El médico.

The series is part of a co-production agreement with Paraiso Pictures and Assaf Bernstein, director of acclaimed series Fauda, who will be executive producer and director of the series. Michael Nozik, producer of Diarios de motocicleta, will also produce in this project.

Based on a true story, The Doctor is a series in English about a drug trafficker accused of terrorism after 9/11 and turned into a government spy to end a terrorist leader.

The series will be set in numerous locations, such as the US, Colombia, Canada, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, among others.

Together with The Doctor, The Mediapro Studio revealed that its long-awaited Mexican series Las Bravas F.C. will begin filming in the month of March and star Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera.

Made up of eight 45-minute episodes, Las Bravas F.C. revolves around a modest women’s soccer team from a small Mexican town to tell a story of overcoming, where the values of teamwork and the roots of its protagonists determine their relationships.

“What we announced this morning are two examples of two things that you might think are very diferent from one another, but for me they are the same,” said Ran Tellem, director of International Content Development at The Mediapro Studio.

“They are both very challening topics to deal with. One of them is an international, super sofisticated, powerful, counter terrorism and drug drama, which is done by an international cast of people comming from all over the world to create a show; and the other one is a Mexican show.“

“But that combination of taking content, people and creating stories from all over the world… it doesn’t really matter where they came from, but the ability to tell stories, and that’s what we do,” he added.

Tellem also highlighted The Mediapro Studio’s achievements this past year, including major prohects and a clear international focus, which have positioned it as a global producer.

“It’s been an amazing year for The Mediapro Studio. It’s just amazing to see what can happen in just one year. I think that when we started that transition we thought it was going to be a very long process of changing what people thought about us and what we were capable of doing. But I must say that in less than a year we feel we are in a completelty different position”, he said.

“The amount of stuff that we are producing, scripted and non scripted, but also the quality, the depth, the issues that we are tackling… I think that we are putting ourselves ina a postiion where we are more hungry than a year before and expecting bigger and bigger challenges.”