The award-winning dubbing studio will be present in Cannes with a new selection of new demos to showcase to attendees at the Palais des Festivals.

Over the past 22 years, The Kitchen has been providing MIP Demos for clients, in multiple languages, specifically to capture the attention of MIP attendees as they walk the floors of the Palais.

With hundreds of stands, booths and displays at the Palais, reaching out to potential buyers from every country, speaking every language, can be quite difficult. Rather than have a potential buyer simply pass by, the MIP Demos have proven to wrangle them in.

“And it has worked beautifully,” Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President, of The Kitchen explained. “Selling a series, a title, or even a concept to buyers from other countries, can be difficult, if the video is only in English, for example. Through the years, we have found that our clients have consistently searched for new, creative opportunities to sell their programming, and dubbing even a portion of a new offering, can mean the difference between a sale and no sale,” she added.

“We’ve witnessed the success of our demos and are thrilled at the growth annually. The creative sales demos have proven to be the very best sales tool on the floors of the Palais, stopping passers-by in their tracks as they hear and see the new programming offerings in their own language,” Kaplan concluded.

The Kitchen starts preparing Mipcom demos as early as May for the October venue in Cannes. For short, animated series, typically one 3-11- minute episode will be translated and dubbed into multiple languages. For the longer, dramatic, or live action programs, reality shows and the like, 10-minutes are usually selected to be dubbed to showcase the new program offering.

For more information on the MIP Demos, localized into all languages, click here.