The Disney OTT presented its new study Unpacking the Streaming Experience, in which it identified four types of streaming viewers.

Hulu published in the last hours the results of its Unpacking the Streaming Experience study, through which it seeks to understand streaming viewers and identify who they are.

The Disney platform revealed that more than 90% of people between the ages of 13 and 54 in the US consume content on at least one OTT platform.

And, according to the results of their study, there are four types of consumers:

1. Therapeutic streaming

43%, most mainstream. Streaming that is meditative and therapeutic, this is the type of streaming that reminds them of childhood or helps them (lightly) reflect.

2. Classic streaming

23%, most routine. Streaming in much the same way people watch traditional TV, at set times, with family or friends, and as part of a daily routine. The only difference is that they can do it on demand.

3. Indulgent streaming

21%, most spontaneous. Streaming that is about being fully consumed with shows where viewers have no problem “holing up” for a weekend solo to make it through multiple seasons of their latest obsession. This is the biggest bingeing experience.

4. Curated streaming

13%, most trend-setting. Streaming that centers on carefully selected content that is intelligent, niche, and/or global. More than just entertainment, it’s about TV and movies that create cultural conversation with like-minded entertainment enthusiasts.