TGS Rolls Out the Red Carpet in Miami to Showcase Its New Titles

Under the slogan “The Telemundo Edge” and as part of the Content Americas conference, Telemundo Global Studios presented the original series that will go into production and development this year.

Under the slogan “The Telemundo Edge” and as part of the Content Americas conference, Telemundo Global Studios presented the original series that will go into production and development this year during the event held last night in Miami.

Led by Karen Barroeta, Executive Vice President of Production and Development at Telemundo Global Studios, “The Telemundo Edge” highlighted the studio’s focus on producing modern premium content for the mainstream audience.

“As we saw with the resounding success of the eighth season premiere of El Señor de Los Cielos last week, Telemundo Global Studios continues to offer the best Super Series and the most highly-rated multi-season franchises,” said Barroeta.

“By 2023, we will focus on producing high-quality romantic dramas, thrillers, and heavy action with our content, showcasing more real and daring characters, with stellar casts and production teams bringing them to life both in front of and behind the cameras. This is just a small glimpse of our commitment to excellence, and shows our determination to dare to go further and bet on big ideas. This is the Telemundo Edge.”

The new series entering production and development this year are:

Hasta Encontrarte (title to be confirmed): Starring William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas, with Kimberly Dos Ramos as the antagonist, this romantic drama follows Nuria, a woman of limited resources, who begins a relationship with Braulio without knowing that he is one of the owners of the company where she works in order to support her son. Braulio is willing to save his marriage to Amelia, a barren woman, and accepts his wife’s request to adopt a child. So Braulio and Amelia end up adopting Nuria’s little son, who has spent a year in an orphanage after being kidnapped. Nuria undertakes a desperate search to find and recover her son, who no longer recognizes her as her mother.

Sin Senos Si Hay Paraíso: This fan-favorite franchise returns, re-entering the world of Catalina Santana, her love struggles, and her tireless efforts to protect her family. The first four seasons of this global hit aired on Telemundo in the United States and around the world, also making it a phenomenon on social media. This new season promises to be filled with the same action and drama that fans have come to expect and love. The project is in co-development with TIS (previously Telecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico.) The franchise also became Netflix’s number one global Spanish-language series of 2017 and was among Netflix’s Top 10 Drama Series in Colombia in 2020. .

Mujer de Oro: The brainchild of José Ignacio Valenzuela, better known as “El Chascas,” this dramatic thriller follows Rebecca Arismendi, a millionaire widow who inherits a chain of jewelry stores after the mysterious death of her husband. After quickly becoming entangled in a new relationship with her personal trainer, she is shocked to discover that her husband’s will leaves part of the company to her first wife and Rebecca’s daughter Beatriz. This scandal unleashes a wave of secret passions, betrayal, revenge, power struggles and eventually, even death.

Blue Cage: Currently in production, this is the first premium series created as part of the co-production agreement between Telemundo Global Studios and Inter Medya of Turkey. In this suspenseful drama, Oğuz has lost his wife and moves to a coastal city with her children, where fate leads him to rescue a young woman named Defne and bring her to her home. Her presence gives the family a little of the hope that they had all lost. When Defne recovers from her amnesia, she realizes that she is a con artist who must now stay hidden. How long will Defne be able to keep her secret? What will Oğuz do when he finds out about the mafia? Will he stay away from Defne?

In addition to these titles, Barroeta pointed out several of the original series scheduled to launch this year on Telemundo, including:

El Señor de los Cielos: With the arrival of its eighth season, which launched last week on Telemundo, the return of Rafael Amaya as the legendary Aurelio Casillas positioned Telemundo as the #1 channel, regardless of language, among adults 18 -49, on its opening night. In the new season, for all who know him, Aurelio Casillas is dead. Only his DEA enemies know the best kept secret in the desert, the Lord of the Skies is more alive than ever and determined to once again assume power. Aurelio establishes a powerful union with allies from previous seasons, while facing new romances and uncovering family mysteries, once again risking his life in the name of revenge.

Juego de Mentiras: Starring Arap Bethke, Altair Jarabo and María Elisa Camargo, this story full of intrigue, mystery, passion and love begins with the disappearance of Adriana Molina. All the clues point to her husband, César, as the main suspect in the possible murder. Determined to prevent her eight-year-old daughter from being taken from him, César risks investigating on her own. While looking for clues about the possible reasons for the disappearance of his wife, César discovers that Adriana led a double life and had a lover from a rich and powerful family. Almost all the characters become suspects, since each one has a reason – even if only apparent – for wanting to eliminate her. Meanwhile, César’s freedom, love and future are at stake as he searches for answers.

El Conde: Amor y Honor: The stellar cast of this period drama includes Fernando Colunga, Ana Brenda Contreras, Marjorie de Sousa, Chantal Andere and Sergio Sendel, among others. The series tells the love story between Alejandro, a humble and peasant young man, and Mariana, a beautiful and restless young woman. But Josefina, Mariana’s stepmother, and Gerardo will try to turn this love story into a true hell. Alejandro will be accused of a double homicide and without anyone knowing his fate, he will be transferred to a dungeon on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. There he will meet Amador, a Spanish nobleman who is serving a life sentence in that place. Amador reveals to him that he has a hidden treasure and before dying he gives him his fortune.

When Alejandro manages to escape, with that immense fortune he returns to San Jacinto where he discovers that Mariana married Gerardo and that he was left for dead. So he decides to execute a plan to do justice against those who betrayed him, especially Mariana, whom he believes is part of that conspiracy. Alejandro returns as the powerful Count Joachim of Montenegro and this will be the beginning of a dangerous revenge against those responsible for his unjust 17-year imprisonment.