The consultancy firm held its classic Fresh TV Fiction conference at Mipcom, where series starring women against the domination of men and the system was highlighted as a great trend.

After Monday’s session focused on formats, this Tuesday the Debussy Theater room was full for the traditional Fresh TV Fiction conference, where The Wit reviewed the most outstanding titles on the international market during the last season.

Inspired by the latest Netflix hit Squid Game, the team chose as the theme for this edition: “Fiction against domination” and, as Virginia Mouseler explained, the selection mainly features “women against domination of men and of the system”.

Thus, most of the series chosen feature female characters.

Of the 19 featured titles, the vast majority are European. The Turkish series had its leading role with three titles, Barbarrosa, The Usual Suspects and Love, Reason, Get Even. In the Hispanic world, meanwhile, Mexico stands out, the only representative with the telenovela La desalmada, an adaptation of the Colombian La dama de Troya by Televisa.

The Wit this time separated the fictions into different categories: hits, adapted formats, the new Turkish wave, angry women and comedies.

Here are all the selected titles:


Country: UK
Distribution: ITV Studios
Premiere: August 2021
Screen: BBC One

Country: Ireland
Distribution: Bron Releasing
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: AMC+

Fino All’Ultimo Battito
Country: Italy
Distribution: RaiCom
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: Rai 1

Country: Greece
Distribution: Alpha Distribution / JK Productions
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: Alpha Television

Country: France
Distribution: Mediawan Rights
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: Salto, France 2

Country: Turkey
Distribution: Mitsco
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: TRT

La desalmada
Country: Mexico
Distribution: Televisa (lata), RCN (formato)
Premiere: July 2021
Screen: Televisa


Plan B: Mylene
Country: Canada
Distribution: KO Distribution
Premiere: October 2021
Screen: ICI Radio-Canada

Walk -In
Country: Canada
Distribution: Aetios
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: ICI

Love, Reason, Get Even
Country: Turkey
Distribution: Madd Entertainment (lata), MBC (formato)
Premiere: June 2021
Screen: Fox Turkey


The Usual Suspects
Country: Turkey
Distribution: Exxen
Premiere: June 2021
Screen: Exxen


Deep Shit
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: Fremantle
Premiere: October 2021
Screen: NPO 3

Inhale Exhale
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: Talpa Distribution
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: Net5

My Husband’s Wife
Country: Finland
Distribution: Studio Hamburg
Premiere: 2022
Screen: YLE

Angela Black
Country: UK
Distribution: All3Media International
Premiere: October 2021
Screen: ITV

Lost Luggage
Country: France, Belgium
Distribution: Newen Content
Premiere: 2022
Screen: Arte (Francia), VRT (Bélgica)

Country: Multiple
Distribution: Keshet International
Premiere: September 2021
Screen: Viasat, ZDF (Alemania)


Country: Ukraine
Distribution: StarLight Media
Premiere: 2022
Screen: Novyi TV

Country: Russia
Distribution: GPM ETV
Premiere: 2022