The consultancy firm revealed to ttvnews its selection of the most outstanding fiction premieres of the last month around the world.

The TV consultancy firm Teleformat revealed to ttvnews its selection of the 46 most outstanding fiction series among the premieres of April.

The list includes shows from traditional markets such as the US and Europe, as well as several Hispanic premieres from Spain and Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

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Slow Horses

Slow Horses is a darkly humorous espionage thriller based on the novel of the same name by English author Mick Herron, and follows a team of British intelligence agents working in an abandoned MI5 headquarters, Slough House. swamp). Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) stars as Jackson Lamb, the brilliant but hot-tempered ringleader of spies who have ended up at Slough House due to serious mistakes in his career. The cast also includes Kristin Scott Thomas (Fleabag), Jack Lowden (Dunkirk), Olivia Cooke (Sound of Metal), Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes), Saskia Reeves (Roadkill), Dustin Demri Burns (The Great), Rosalind Eleazar (Breeders), Christopher Chung (Waterloo Road), Freddie Fox (The Great), Chris Reilly (The Head), and Antonio Aakeel (Dublin Murders).

Country: UK
Network: Apple TV+ (SVOD)
Production Company: See-Saw Films

The Last Bus

The Last Bus is a 10-episode science fiction teen drama series created and written by Paul Neafcy. The story follows a group of students who attend the launch of the Genie Orbs, a new class of robot designed to clean up the environment by vaporizing any traces of pollutants in its path. The boys are excited about this new technology and the idea that, after this, “the world will never be the same again”. And indeed they are right: Against all odds, the miraculous Genie Orbs, powered by Artificial Intelligence, begin to vaporize the entire audience, making them disappear in an instant. In fact, it doesn’t just happen at this event, but at thousands of other identical launch events around the world. Billionaire Dalton Monkhouse, who has given life to these robots, flees when he sees that something has gone seriously wrong. For its part, the group of protagonist students – made up of very disparate young people – manage to return through the chaos to their old and noisy school bus, which they board to head home in search of answers. What they find, however, is a mysteriously empty world. Thus, a fight will begin on the part of these clever students to save humanity from the army of relentless drones.

Country: UK
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: Wildseed Studios

Trivia Quest

Trivia Quest is an original interactive animation series inspired by the Trivia Crack application, a video game created by the Argentine company Etermax that caused a stir in different countries by challenging its users with an agile general culture quiz . The series focuses on the adventures of Willy, a character who will try to rescue the inhabitants of Trivia Land from the clutches of a cruel conqueror named Evil Rocky. During the development of the plot, the audience has to participate by testing his knowledge on different topics. In total, each episode contains 24 questions with multiple choice options and various levels of difficulty (12 standard level and 12 difficult level). As in the well-known app, the main categories of the questionnaire included in this audiovisual story are science, history, sports, art, geography and entertainment. Some of the questions will be about original Netflix productions, so regular users of that platform will have an advantage.

Country: United States
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: Sunday Sauce Productions

Faten Amal Harby

Faten Amal Harby (name of the protagonist) is a 30-episode suspense series starring Faten, played by Nelly Karim, a woman who finds herself in a disastrous family situation due to her husband’s macho aggression. By divorcing her, Faten thinks that she will live in peace, but her ex-husband begins to fight for custody of the daughters backed by Egyptian law. Little by little, the family conflict becomes a case of public opinion.

Country: Egypt
Network: CBC
Producer: The Adl Group

Hyeonjaeneun Areumdawo

Hyeonjaeneun Areumdawo (The Present Is Beautiful) is a 50-episode series that revolves around a family of three brothers. Lee Yoon Jae (Oh Min Suk), Lee Hyun Jae (Yoon Si Yoon), and Lee Soo Jae (Seo Bum June) are not interested in dating or getting married. His grandfather Lee Kyung-cheol
(Park In Hwan) and her parents Lee Min Ho (Park Sang Won) and Han Kyung Ae (Kim Hye Ok) are worried about her indifference towards marriage and decide to make them an offer: the first sibling to marry will get an apartment. Each of the brothers decides to look for a woman to marry.

Country: South Korea
Network: KBS2
Producer: Content Zium / Drama House

Rageen ya Hawa

Rageen ya Hawa (The Admiration Returns) is a 30-episode family comedy. Maher, a businessman who has lived abroad for many years, returns to Egypt after the serious economic losses he suffered in his business. Returning to Cairo, Maher begins to claim his inheritance, hitherto controlled by his nephews, in a tone that is both dramatic and humorous. A short time later, and becoming deeply involved in the family matter, Maher changes his mind and shows attention and affection towards his relatives, tries to unite them and settle the frantic conflict between them. At the same time, he falls in love with a woman named Maggie and also crosses paths with Farida, his first love.

Country: Egypt
Network: D.M.C.
Producer: Aroma / UMS – United Media Services


Likea (Give it a like) is a comedy series for young adults and teenagers that explores (and criticizes) the world of social networks. Cajsa (Vera Herngren) is a recently graduated journalist who can’t get a job. Her friend Rut (Felicia Danielsson) is an easily influenced influencer and child star who has always lived in the spotlight and is also dating actor Markus (Hannes Fohlin). In the absence of other offers, Cajsa has to accept a job as Rut’s assistant and she quickly realizes that there is a terrifying climate in the world of influencers: there are clear hierarchies and an atmosphere of gossip. In addition, Cajsa is shocked because the influencer Rut is a completely different person from her friend Rut.

Country: Sweden
Network: C More (SVOD)
Producer: FLX

Vi i villa

Vi i villa (We in the village) is a dramedy based on the novel of the same name written by Hans Koppel in 2008. In it we find a man on the verge of collapse, Anders (Mattias Nordkvist), 43, who lives with his wife, daughter and dog in an idyllic suburban villa. He has a good job, a stable relationship, he plays paddle tennis, everything should be fine; but Anders feels trapped in suburban life: dinners with boring and insubstantial couples who don’t fill him up and the lies of the middle class. The farce might as well have continued, but when he one day sees his daughter isolated from him, he feels that she has had enough. Desperate for his longing for change, he begins to harass his neighbors.

Country: Sweden
Network: Discovery+ (SVOD)
Producer: FLX

Dirty Lines

Inspired by the book 06-Cowboys by Fred Saueressig, Dirty Lines is a dramedy-series about the rise of erotic lines, set against the backdrop of the 1980s cultural revolution in Amsterdam. Marly Salomon (Joy Delima), a psychology student, accepts a part-time job at Teledutch, the new company of brothers Frank (Minne Koole) and Ramon (Chris Peters) Stigter, architects of the first erotic lines in Europe. They started this experiment in her parents’ garage, but her business becomes a multi-million dollar industry and part of Amsterdam’s hedonistic culture, offering anonymous thrills to new types of customers. Frank and Ramon strike it rich overnight, and Marly is thrown into this intense and rapid transformation.

Country: Netherlands
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Production company: Fiction Valley (Fremantle Netherlands)
Distribution: Netflix

Euer Ehren

Euer Ehren (Your Honor) is an adaptation of the Israeli drama Kvodo (Yes) -versioned in the United States under the title Your Honor– that revolves around a judge who is about to be promoted when his son is involved in an accident leaking car Everything gets even more complicated when it is discovered that the victim of the hit-and-run is the son of a man whom the protagonist has recently sent to jail. While in the original set version it is about the son of a mobster, in the German version the father is the leader of a Serbian clan. This and other modified elements make Euer Ehren a different series from Your Honor despite having a common plot core.

Country: Germany
Network: ARD
Production company: Mona Film / Square One
Distribution: YES Studios

Ulideului Beulluseu

Ulideului Beulluseu (Our Blues) is a 20-episode series that shows the lives, through different stories, of 14 people who live on the hot and lively island of Jeju. Lee Dong Seok (Lee Byung Hun) is a street food vendor in his 40s. People say that Dong Seok is a tough man from birth, but in reality, he was poverty-stricken. His mother remarried, his stepbrother beat him, and he was trampled on by his first love. Kang Ok Dong (Kim Hye Ja), his mother,he doesn’t talk much and just works quietly, but he accepts his hard life and perseveres.

Country: South Korea
Network: tvN
Production: Gtist / Studio Dragon

Det Forsvundne Ravkammer

Det forsvundne Ravkammer (The Lost Amber Room) is a series of adventures for the whole family offered as an “Easter calendar”. The public channel DR tries to establish a new television tradition by way of the traditional Advent Calendar that it has offered for 60 years, in this case the objective is not to count the days until Easter, but to accompany viewers during it to gather the family around the television.

Country: Denmark
Network: DR1
Producer: DR (Danmarks Radio)

My Family

My Family is a 10-episode suspense-drama series that tells the story of a couple who decide to take justice into their own hands to get their kidnapped daughter back. Haruto Narusawa (Kazunari Ninomiya) is the CEO of a video game company. His life treats him very well: he is young, he has a beautiful house on the seaside, he is married to Michiru (Mikako Tabe), and together they have a daughter, Tomoka (Miyu Oshima). However, tragedy befalls this happy family when the little girl is kidnapped. Haruto must now face numerous difficulties as he navigates the complex web of human nature that begins to show the ugliness of him. The only way to save his beloved daughter is to take matters into her own hands without the involvement of the police and, together with his wife, stand up to the kidnappers.

Country: Japan
Network: TBS
Producer: TBS
Distribution: Disney+ / TBS International

Qin Ai De Xiao Hai

Qin Ai De Xiao Hai (Dear Child) is a 34-episode series starring a young couple, Xiao Lu and Fang Yinuo, who have had a daughter after a few years of marriage. The day Yinuo gives birth, the father, Xiao Lu is absent. From the birth of the girl, named He He, new parents have to face various challenges. With the intervention of the parents of each one of them, a series of family conflicts frequently occur, which continuously influence the couple’s relationship and lead them to a turning point. Finally, they divorce.

Country: China
Network: CCTV 8 TV Series
Production company: CCTV-8 / iQiyi / Ling Shi Media Co.

2 Døgn: Frit land

2 Døgn: Frit land (2 days: Free land) is a prequel, which also works as a second season, of the series 2 Døgn premiered on the channel in February 2021. This series takes place 3 years before the original and takes place in the same place: the violent district of Vestegnen in Copenhagen. We follow the story of Nicki Nørrebro (Sebastian Bull) who fights to get his place in a local gang; as he searches for the place he wants to be loved. Right now he is at the bottom of the hierarchy and spends his time mainly cleaning bathrooms and running errands; but he dreams of evolving and one day joining the band. Everything changes when Markus “MH” (Gustav Giese) is released from jail and turns out to be charming and cynical, exactly what Nicki has always wanted to be. The two form an alliance and soon Nicki has a chance to rise up and fulfill his dreams. However, the new acquaintance turns out to be something different than she first seemed, and Nicki finds herself in the middle of a conflict that risks ruining her. It does not make things easier that Xenia (Alba August), his great love, in the midst of all the chaos, has begun to show interest in him, but is there room for love when he dreams of becoming a gangster? This dilemma could cost Nicki everything.

Country: Denmark
Network: Xee
Producer: Drive Studios

Eurachacha Nae Insaeng

Eurachacha Nae Insaeng (Bravo My Life) is a 120-episode series starring Seo Dong Hee (played by Nam Sang Ji), Kang Cha Yeol (Yang Byung Yeol), Baek Seung Joo (Cha Min Ji), and Kang Seong Wook ( Lee Si Gang). Seo Dong Hee is a contract design assistant. Although she comes from a poor family, she has a bright and positive personality. She decides to be the mother of her nephew and she raises him alone. As a single mother, she lives a tumultuous life, but she tries to achieve her dream and become a designer.

Country: South Korea
Network: KBS1
Producer: KBS

Hard Cell

Hard Cell is a six-episode acid comedy that shows the ups and downs of life in prison through the character of Laura Willis, an enthusiastic woman who turns her career around when she takes charge of a prison of women, where he believes that creativity is the basis for rehabilitation. The series has a false documentary or mockumentary style in which the different members of the prison speak to the camera, narrating aspects of their day-to-day life and of themselves. Leading actress Catherine Tate steps into the shoes of several of these eccentric characters, including Laura Willis herself, as well asLike Big Viv, a psychopathic inmate serving a life sentence. The story follows the fictional women’s prison HMP Woldsley preparing to put on a musical over the course of six weeks, directed by ex-EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison. The essays bring together a rare collection of women as they try to find their best voices, increase their self-confidence, and strengthen their friendships and relationships. Thus, between the chaotic musical and the strong dose of comedy, there is a story of female empowerment.

Country: UK
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: Leopard Pictures

A Sogra Que Te Pariu

A Sogra Que Te Pariu (The mother-in-law who gave birth to you) is Netflix’s first Brazilian sitcom, created by Rodrigo Sant’Anna, which portrays the funny scenes of a family whose life during quarantine is turned upside down when the mother-in-law arrives . At the beginning of the pandemic, Doña Isadir (Sant’Anna) does not think twice and rents her apartment in Cachambi, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, to be closer to her family. Unilaterally and without prior notice, she decides to move into the mansion of her son Carlos de ella (Rafael Zulu) in Barra da Tijuca, much to the chagrin of her daughter-in-law Alice de ella (Lidi Lisboa). Her grandchildren, Jonas and Márcia (Pedro Ottoni and Bárbara Sut), are caught in the crossfire, while Marinez (Daniela Fontan), the family’s long-time employee, gets a front-row seat to the action. Fireworks. To all this chaos is also added the parties and outdoor meals with Fátima (Solange Teixeira) and Cezinha (Ney Lima), Cachambi’s old friends.

Country: Brazil
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: The Suburbans

Le Fate Ignoranti

Le Fate Ignoranti (The Ignorant Fairies) is an eight-episode romantic drama adaptation of the 2001 Italian blockbuster film of the same name, which was a cultural sensation in the country. Directed by the Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek (like the film), the series stars the actors Cristiana Capotondi, Eduardo Scarpetta and Luca Argentero. When Massimo (Luca Argentero), married to Antonia (Cristiana Capotondi), dies in a car accident, she finds out that her husband had a homosexual relationship with a man named Michele (Eduardo Scarpetta). Devastated by this news, Antonia finds herself forging an emotional and unexpected friendship with Michele and his eclectic circle of friends. Both learn to know each other, to accept each other, to understand each other. This is how Antonia discovers her husband’s other family, made up of friends with unusual lifestyles and different sexual identities.

Country: Italy
Network: Disney+ (SVOD)
Production company: R&C Produzioni

Los herederos de la tierra

Los herederos de la tierra is a dramatic series, a sequel to The Cathedral of the Sea, which in turn is based on the homonymous novels written by Idelfonso Falcones. The story takes us to Barcelona at the end of the 14th century and narrates the life of the young Hugo Llor, son of a deceased sailor, who works in the shipyards thanks to the generosity of one of the most respected gentlemen in the city: Arnau Estanyol. His dream of becoming a shipbuilder will be cut short when the Puig family, a staunch enemy of his mentor, takes advantage of his position with the new king to carry out a revenge they have been cherishing for years.

Country: Spain
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Production company: Diagonal TV (Endemol Shine Iberia)
Distribution: Banijay Rights

Outer Range

Outer Range is a western with supernatural thriller elements that follows the story of Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin, Avengers: Endgame), a rancher who always fights for his family and his land and who one day discovers an unfathomable mystery. on the edge of the wilderness of Wyoming, USA. Rhett Abbott (Lewis Pullman, Catch-22) is Royal’s youngest son and the most rebellious of the family. He never thought much beyond his ambition to become America’s greatest rodeo rider, until a shocking event and a girl just back in town push him to reconsider his dreams. At the beginning of the series, the Abbotts are dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca and a conflict with the Tillersons, the neighboring ranch owners who are making a play for their land. An untimely death in the community sets off a tense series of events, and the town’s problems are further aggravated by the appearance of a mysterious black hole in the Abbotts’ west pasture.

Country: United States
Network: Amazon Prime Video (SVOD)
Production Company: Amazon Studios / Plan B Entertainment


Roar is a darkly humorous anthology series based on Cecelia Ahern’s 30-story book of the same name, offering a poignant, insightful, and sometimes hilarious portrait of what it means to be a woman today. All through a comunique blend of magical realism, futuristic worlds as well as professional and family settings. Each story features a woman exploring a different problem or contradiction in her life. Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the creators of GLOW, are behind this production whose main cast includes Nicole Kidman (Nine Perfect Strangers), who also participates as a producer, Cynthia Erivo (The Outsider), Merritt Wever (Godless), Alison Brie (GLOW), Judy Davis (Ratched), Betty Gilpin (GLOW), Meera Syal (The Wheel of Time), Fivel Stewart (Atypical), and Kara Hayward (Haters Back Off).

Country: United States
Network: Apple TV+ (SVOD)
Production Company: Blossom Films / Endeavor Content / Greenlight Go Productions / Made Up Stories / Per Capita Productions Anthology 30 min

Albertano contra los mostros

Albertano contra los monstros is a comedy series, a spin-off of the María de todos los Ángeles series, which tells the story of Albertano, a seductive, friendly neighborhood heartthrob and scrounger who is persecuted by the witch Casilda, who cursed him in the past and needs to devour her heart in a ritual that will allow her to be eternally young and beautiful. She will be joined by the evil businesswoman Lola D’Bo who is also obsessed with obtaining the secret of eternal youth. Meanwhile, the protagonist will go to live with his godfather, Father Benito, at the convent of the ragged barefoot women. There, he will meet a series of particular and funny characters that he will join to prevent them from being evicted from their home and together fight against Lola D’Bo and the evil witch Casilda.

Country: Mexico
Network: Las estrellas
Producer: Televisa
Distribution: Televisa International

The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe is a four-part drama miniseries based on the extraordinary true story of how prison officer John Darwin faked his own death to claim life insurance and avoid bankruptcy, unbeknownst to his two sons. Eddie Marsan takes on the lead role of John Darwin, while Monica Dolan plays her wife, Anne, who ended up running away with her supposedly deceased husband to a new life in Panama. The series is inspired by an unpublished manuscript written by David Leigh, the journalist who first encountered Anne when she was living in Panama, where the couple moved after their 2002 insurance scam. Richard Laxton, who has Honour, Mrs Wilson and Mum among his credits, directs all four episodes of the series, which is written by Unforgotten writer Chris Lang.

Country: UK
Network: ITV
Producer: Story Films
Distribution: All3Media International


Tropenjaren (Hard Years) is the adaptation of the Israeli format Bilti Hafich, released by Channel 2 in 2013. The dramedy-series follows a couple formed by Jelle (Henry van Loon, De Luizenmoeder), a writer, and his wife Rosa (Jelka van Houten, Jeuk), a television presenter. The couple has just had their first baby and begins a new stage in their lives. But while these new parents try to give their daughter the best, they also want to continue with their professional life and their relationship as before: with desire and ambition. However, it is impossible. To unwind, Jelle often visits the bar of his best friend Steve (Eric van Sauers), a divorced father dealing not only with his teenage daughter but also with his complicated romantic relationships. Bregje (Eva Crutzen), Rosa’s sister, is an eternal single woman who believes that she will find true love in each new date.

Country: Netherlands
Network: NPO3
Producer: BNNVARA / Witte Geit

Las Villamizar

Las Villamizar (surname of the protagonists) is a 75-episode drama series that combines historical drama with overtones of suspense and police thriller. Set at the beginning of the 19th century, at the time of the independence wars, the fiction tells the story of three sisters from Colombian high society: Carolina, Leonor and Isabella Villamizar, who decide to infiltrate the Liberation Army in order to find the person responsible for the death of his mother on the opposite side: Colonel Montenegro, evil and bloodthirsty leader of the Spanish army.

Country: Colombia
Network: Caracol
Producer: Caracol Television
Distribution: Caracol Internacional

Rua das Flores

Rua das Flores (Street of Flowers) is a soap opera full of humor that tells the story of a somewhat special street in Lisbon. Starting with the fact that all women are named after flowers. The figure that stands out the most and from which the plot begins is Doña Tília, a fortune teller who anticipates everything that is to come. Nobody wants to believe in her prophecies, but the reality is that they always come true. And it is precisely with the fulfillment of one of them where thehistory. Rua das Flores is also an unusual street, as a building is being built at one of its ends, which will make it a dead end street. This fact causes even more conflict between the neighbors, who already had it before because each end of the street belonged to a different neighborhood. Now, however, they will have an even bigger conflict: the street will turn into an alley. To make matters worse, the owner of the new building that will close the street is unknown.

Country: Portugal
Network: TVI
Producer: Plural Entertainment Portugal

Life After Life

Life after life is a four-part drama series based on the award-winning novel of the same title by Kate Atkinson, adapted by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Bash Doran (Traitors) and directed by Bafta award-winning director John Crowley (Brooklyn, Boy A). Set against the backdrop of two world wars, the story follows Ursula Todd, who dies one night in 1910, before she can breathe for the first time. However, that same night in 1910 she is reborn and survives, only to find herself again and again living and dying in different circumstances, only to be reborn in a new alternative version of life. Thus, Ursula navigates each of her lives during critical moments in history, spanning the two world wars and including an encounter with Hitler himself. The idea of ​​having an infinite amount of lives seems great to find out if you can ever live a perfect life and if the course of history can really be changed. Ursula always strives to do better in each new life, but what does young Ella need in order to stay alive? And, in the case of her being able to save the world thanks to her infinite opportunities, will she do it?

Country: UK
Network: BBC Two
Producer: House Productions
Distribution: BBC Studios Distribution


Pálpito is a 14-episode drama series that combines love, suspense, revenge and mafia. It all begins when Simón’s (Michel Brown, Pasión de Gavilanes) wife is murdered to extract his heart and transplant it to the wife of a powerful millionaire. Seeking revenge, Simón plunges into the dangerous world of organ trafficking to learn all the secrets and make those responsible pay. In the frantic search for him, he falls in love with Camila (Ana Lucía Domínguez, Who Killed Sara?), the woman who survived thanks to the heart of his wife.

Country: Colombia
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: CMO Productions

Yakamoz S-245

Yakamoz S-245 is a seven-episode science-fiction, adventure and suspense drama series whose story unfolds after a natural catastrophe that shakes the Earth (in the same universe as the Belgian series Into the Night -Netflix , 2019/20-). From that critical moment, Arman, a dive instructor and marine biologist aboard an underwater research mission, battles with the crew to survive supernatural events as a conspiracy comes to light.

Country: Turkey
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Production Company: OG Medya / OGM Pictures
Distribution: Netflix

Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin

Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin (Kentaro is Pregnant) is a dramedy series based on a manga of the same name by Eri Sakai. The story is set in a world where – in rare cases – men can conceive and give birth. One day, successful publicist Kentaro Hiyama (Takumi Saito) discovers that he is pregnant. His partner, Aki Seto (Juri Ueno), never thought of becoming a mother, so this surprise causes confusion for both of them. Suddenly, Kentaro faces scrutiny from his company and from society, highlighting the difficulties and inequalities experienced by pregnant women. The couple, faced with the many problems associated with pregnancy and childbirth, have to face reality and decide whether or not to have the baby.

Country: Japan
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: AOI Pro. / TV Tokyo
Distribution: Netflix


Anantham (Happiness) is an eight-episode dramedy series that revolves around the life of Ananth, who decides to return to her family’s home, Anantham. There, she goes on a journey down memory lane to find amazing stories of betrayal, success, love, laughter, horror, and courage from the different families and people who lived there. Anantham is the story of the house, passed in the house, and narrated by the house. The story spans five decades, with each episode becoming a genre of its own. Love, tragedy, humor and even horror. The narration appears as a bouquet of stories and a mosaic of emotions where feelings such as grief, loss, love, fear, discovery, anger, etc. arise. For some, the house accumulates fortunes and for others, disasters. Its inhabitants are special people: blind, unemployed with debts, single women living together, a gay couple…

Country: India
Network: Zee5 (SVOD)
Producer: FilmFarm India

The Rising

The Rising is an eight-episode drama series that emerges as a British version of the original Belgian fiction Beau Séjour, known internationally as Hotel Beau Séjour. The series tells the story of Neve Kelly, a young woman who discovers that she is dead. Frightened and confused by this new form of existence, Neve soon exchanges fear for her fury as she realizes that she has been killed. Determined to find her killer and bring justice, Neve harnesses her newfound supernatural abilities to go where the police can’t and investigate her own death herself. In doing so, she uncovers deeply buried secrets that force him to reexamine everything about her life and the people she cared about. In particular, her father, Tom, from whom she is estranged, and her dear mother, Maria. Combining suspense with supernatural elements and personal and family dramas, the fiction proposes a different criminal premise: that of a young murder victim who becomes a post-mortem detective when she returns to the heart of her isolated community to investigate who killed her and why. .

Country: UK
Network: SkyMax
Producer: Sky
Distribution: LS Distribution (Mediawan) / NBCUniversal Global Distribution

Zachowaj spokoj

Zachowaj spokoj (Keep Calm) is a six-episode series adaptation of the best-selling American writer Harlan Coben’s crime novel. The series is set in a luxury housing estate in Warsaw, where the residents lead a quiet and idyllic life. Everything changes when 18-year-old Adam (Krzystof Oleksyn) disappears without a trace. The danger mounts rapidly and concerned parents do everything they can to protect their children who, on the verge of adulthood, have decided to take justice into their own hands.

Country: Poland
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: ATM Grupa
Distribution: Netflix

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid is an epic romantic western based on the life of William Henry McCarthy (Tom Blyth, The Gilded Age), better known as Billy the Kid. The story follows the famous outlaw from his humble Irish roots as well as his early days as a cowboy and gunslinger on the American frontier to his pivotal role in the Lincoln County War. One day he meets Jesse Evans (Daniel Webber, The Punisher), another famous outlaw and leader of the Seven Rivers gang. By the time they meet, Jesse has already embraced a life of crime consisting of robbing stores and several families’ livestock. The series has been created by Michael Hirst (Vikings).

Country: United States
Network: Epix
Production Company: Amblin Television / De Line Pictures / MGM Television / One Big Picture


Gaslit (a form of psychological abuse that consists of manipulating another’s perception of reality) is a political thriller, based on the first season of Leon Neyfakh’s Slow Burn podcast, which focuses on the secondary characters who participated in the Watergate scandal of the 1970s. This limited series centers on the story of Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts, Homecoming), the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell (Sean Penn, The First) who was the first person to blow up the publicly alarmed about Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate affair. She is a key figure in the development of the investigation and that, drowned in a profoundly macho environment, she was the victim of the mistreatment that gives the series its title.

Country: United States
Network: Starz
Production Company: Anonymous Content / Esmail Corp / Red Om / Universal Content Productions

The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth is a science fiction series based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis and the iconic film starring David Bowie. The protagonist, Faraday (Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave), is an alien who falls onto the face of the Earth to fulfill a mission that will determine the fate of humanity. Meanwhile Justin Falls, the character played by Naomie Harris (The Third Day), will collaborate with him so that he can carry out that task. The cast also includes Bill Nighy (Ordeal by Innocence), Jimmi Simpson (Pachinko), Clarke Peters (The Irregulars), Sonya Cassidy (Lodge 49), Joana Ribeiro (Glória) and Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Prodigy). Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet (Star Trek: Discovery) are the creators of this television adaptation.

Country: United States
Network: Showtime
Production Company: CBS Television Studios / Secret Hideout / Tandem Productions / Timberman/Beverly Productions


Lea (protagonist’s name) is a six-episode drama that follows Lea Ferrera (Madeleine Martin), a single mother willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dream of competing in the World Boxing Championship. But the road to success gets complicated when police investigator Amanda (Jennie Silfverhjel)m), suspected of being involved in drug dealing and fixing fights. From there it all goes from bad to worse as the loyalties of those close to her are tested: her best friend and manager Sam (Ralph Carlsson) casts her aside, and her former manager Balthazar (Emil Almén), the has against the ropes. The protagonist realizes that she is running out of time to fulfill her dream, that she is turning into a very dangerous one. But Lea only knows how to fight to save herself when she is cornered, so with her health and her son’s at risk, a police officer after her and a gangster blackmailing her, she must fight like never before to get out of everything with lifetime.

Country: Sweden
Network: SVT1
Production company: Kärnfilm / SVT (Sveriges Television)
Distribution: Dynamic Television

We Own This City

We Own This City is a police drama that chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Weapons Tracking Task Force. The city suffers from corruption and intense moral collapse. Drug prohibition policies and mass arrests are defended at the expense of real police work. George Pelecanos and David Simon (The Deuce) are the creators of this television adaptation of the homonymous book written by Justin Fenton, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun newspaper. The cast includes David Corenswet (The Politician) as David McDougall, Don Harvey (Pam & Tommy) as John Sieracki, Dagmara Dominczyk (Succession) as Erika Jensen, Gabrielle Carteris (BH90210) as Andrea Smith and Tray Chaney (Saints & Sinners). like Gordon Hawk among others.

Country: United States
Network: HBO
Producer: Crime Story Media / HBO

Poulets grillés

Poulets grillés (Burned Cops) is a police comedy starring Anne Capestan (Barbara Cabrita), the former star of the Lyon police force, who, after a serious mistake, is entrusted with the leadership of the mysterious “4th brigade”. It is a unit to which all the alcoholics, depressives, and other misfits that overcrowd the police force and cannot be spared are transferred. But it is with her genius team that the Commander finds herself in a position to solve the most important investigation of the moment, a case involving multiple robberies, an ace in disguise and the unexplained murder of a Maltese.

Country France
Network: France 3
Production Company: Mother Production / Scarlett Production

Cheng Sheng Zhi Men

Cheng Sheng Zhi Men (The Gate of Rebirth) is a 26-episode series that tells the story of the theft of the valuable ancient painting Water Lily. Criminal investigation police inspector Luo Jian takes charge of the investigation and meets a gifted college student named Zhuang Wenjie. The two team up to solve a series of weird cases. The chapters are set in a modern city in China. This series uses new narratives for suspense with various angles of analysis of the cops.

Country: China
Network: Youku
Production company: Alibaba (Beijing) Co / Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co

Feng Qi Long Xi

Feng Qi Long Xi (The Wind Blows from Longxi) is an espionage thriller drama series. The fiction is set in the year 228 AD, during the war between the States of Shu and Wei in China, when the army of the State of Shu defeats the State of Wei. Shu’s intelligence analyzes false information sent by Chen Gong, a high-level spy operating in Wei who leads the army to defeat. Xun Xu, a counter-espionage expert from the Shu State, is sent to infiltrate the Wei State and investigate Chen Gong. Chen Gong passes Xun Xu’s test to see if he is still faithful to Shu.

Country: China
Network: CCTV 8 TV Series
Production company: Beijing Forest Picture Culture Media Co / Beijing Ziyou Kujing Film Co / iQiyi / Xinli TV Culture Investment Co / Zhejing Huace Film & Tv Co

Fils de

Fils de (Son of) is an eight-part thriller series that tells the story of a gangster, Franck Pistone (Serge “Marka” Van Laeken), who went on the run 17 years ago after pulling off the heist of the century. Now, he returns to Brussels to reconcile with his children Camille and Sarah because he feels that his end is near him. However, this return sets in motion a dangerous treasure hunt -the heist diamonds- in the most hostile urban jungle in the world: Brussels.

Country: Belgium
Network: Auvio (VOD)
Production company: AT-Prod / RTBF
Distribution: Federation Entertainment

Iosi, el espía arrepentido

Iosi, el espía arrepentido is a thriller series based on the homonymous novel by Miriam Lewin and Horacio Lutzky. Throughout the eight episodes, the true story of Iosi, an agent of the intelligence service of the Argentine Federal Police, is narrated, who infiltrates the Jewish community for several years to obtain information about the Andinia Plan, which could later have been used to provoke two of the biggest terrorist attacks in Latin America. ArrepUnderstood by his past, the protagonist begins a race against time seeking justice before he and his family are murdered.

Country: Argentina
Network: Amazon Prime Video (SVOD)
Production Company: Amazon Studios / Burman Office
Distribution: The Mediapro Studio Distribution


Nonkels (Uncles) is a comedy-series that tells how the lives of three middle-aged brothers take a radical turn with the unexpected arrival of an African refugee. For years, the Persyn brothers have lived like good neighbors on a plot of land in the province of West Flanders. Lonely Pol (Wim Willaert) resides in his parents’ old house, while Luc (Jelle De Beule) and his wife Carine (Isabelle Van Hecke) live on the farm next door. Both of his houses are in the shadow of the modern chalet of businessman Willy (Rik Verheye) and his young wife Delphine (Emilie De Roo). This relative peace is shattered when Cameroonian refugee Innocent Dipanda (Blaise Afonso) shows up unannounced on Luc’s doorstep. After all, Luc had written to his daughter Anke’s former correspondent (Sike Thorrez) several times, telling him that he was always welcome at the home of his “second family” in Belgium.

Country: Belgium
Network: Streamz (SVOD)
Producer: FBO

Shining Girls

Shining Girls is a mystery thriller based on the 2013 novel by Lauren Beukes of the same name. The plot follows Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale), a Chicago archivist and aspiring reporter who survived a brutal and traumatic aggression that ended up disturbing his perception of reality. Years after the event, Kirby learns that a recent murder is linked to the assault he suffered and teams up with a veteran journalist named Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura, Narcos) to understand her present, confront her past and identify her. his attacker.

Country: United States
Network: Apple TV+ (SVOD)
Production Company: Liden Films / Appian Way / Love & Squalor / MRC Television