Set to premiere on SBS6 in The Netherlands, Avastars features talented singers and dancers who will be transformed into a virtual avatar, which will perform live.

Talpa introduces a brand new talent show for SBS6: Avastars, which combines groundbreaking technology with top talent.

Avatars that come to life and dance and sing on stage, live. In the new, next-level talent show Avastars, the impossible is made possible: the real and the virtual world are spectacularly combined. With the latest motion capture and augmented reality techniques, a singing talent and a dancing talent will be transformed into one virtual super talent: an avastar who dances and sings like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Live.

Developed in collaboration with NEP Group, Avastars will be broadcasted by SBS6 early next year.

In traditional talent shows, we look for either insanely good singers or outstanding dancers since it is practically impossible to excel in both disciplines. That’s no longer necessary! In Avastars, great singing and dancing talents will be combined into duos. With the help of both programmers and stylists, each duo creates their own avastar. The avastars they create may represent humans or even animals. From gender, body shape, hair and skin color to clothing style and makeup: the duos get to decide it all themselves. In the virtual world, anything goes!

The singing talent is responsible for controlling the avastar’s facial expressions and voice. The dancing talent wears a special suit to control all the movements of the avastar’s body and head. What we see, is an avastar who sings and dances like the real thing but who only truly comes to life when both disciplines perfectly complement each other during the LIVE performances… Anything is possible: two avastars can sing a duet together or perform with several virtual background dancers, but they can also perform with real singers or real dancers who are physically on stage with them. Besides singing and dancing, the avatars must also be able to talk and show off their winning personality whenever they’re interviewed by the host and the jury.

During a series of audition and elimination rounds, this jury, led by a successful DJ or producer, will judge the performances. He will also go on to produce the first single and music video of the winning avastar. Which avastar will be the big winner of this new, groundbreaking talent show?