According to El confiencial digital, the producer behind Allí abajo, El príncipe and La verdad is up for sale and being eyed by groups such as Mediapro, Banijay and Beta Film.

Spanish platform El confidencial digital revealed that Spanish producer Plano a Plano is currently up for sale and is already in negotiations with several international groups.

Known for series such as Allí abajo, El príncipe and La verdad, and with productions currently in development for Netflix and Atresmedia, as well as a coproduction with Dopamine, groups like Mediapro, Banijay and Beta Film have already shown interest in acquiring it.

Investment fund Mediawan and French group Newen are reportedly also eyeing a potential acquisition.

According to El confidencial, Plano a Plano is asking for 30 million euros. Its owner, César Benitez, said the company already had “informal” conversations with several potential buyers.

Plano a Plano was created in Madrid in 2014 by Benitez and has expanded across many Spanish screens since its launch, with series airing on Atresmedia, Mediaset Spain and RTVE.

The list includes titles such as El príncipe (Telecinco), Allí abajo (Antena 3), El caso. Crónica de sucesos (TVE), La verdad (Telecinco), Servir y proteger (TVE) and Sabuesos (TVE).

The producer is currently preparing Toy Boy for Antena 3, Desaparecidos for Telecinco and Valeria for Netflix; as well as its first international coproduction, Los niños de Morelia, with Dopamine.