Titled Campamento Newton, it’s an adventure and science fiction series for the Disney Channel, which starts from a universal story that has served as inspiration for hits like ET, The Goonies or Stranger Things.

Campamento Newton is the title of the new teen series co-produced by Secuoya Studios, Dopamine and Álamo Audiovisual 12 in association with Avi Films, with the participation of Disney Channel.

This 13-episode production was filmed last July on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) under the direction of Max Lemcke, responsible for Cinco metros cuadrados, winner of the Golden Biznaga at the Malaga Festival 2011. It will be broadcast exclusively on Disney Channel in 2022.

The science fiction adventure series is based on an original idea by Jésica Aran and Juan Lombardi (Avi Films), who also serve as executive producers along with Francisco Matiozzi Molinas.

This is the first production launched by the Fiction area of Secuoya Studios under the direction of David Martínez together with Álamo Audiovisual 12 and Dopamine, a production studio responsible for international hits such as Hernán, Amarres, Close to Me and Supertitlán.

According to the companies, Campamento Newton is “part of a universal story that has served as inspiration to great works on the big screen (ET, The Goonies) and television (Alf, Stranger Things)”, and is “a fictional bet differential, educational, fun, full of adventure, humor, tenderness and with a touch of nostalgia”.

The series stars, among other interpreters, Eva Marciel, Ava Salazar, Yanai Cruz, Manuel Baldé, Adrián Checa, Hugo Morenilla, Iratxe Emparán and Julia Serra.

The roster of adult characters is made up of Mónica Santana (Eva Marciel), Salazar (Andrés Requejo), Margo (Mónica Lleó), Valentina (Ana Caleya), Amelia (Marta Fuenar), Héctor (Toni Engonga), Víctor (Kike Pérez) , Verto (Mingo Ávila) and Vania (Marta Zubiría).


Night falls in a summer camp for science-loving kids. After a first day full of emotions and reunions, four friends – who skip the curfew outside the barracks – are surprised by the fall of a flying saucer. Far from asking for help or getting to safety, they run straight towards the UFO and come face to face with Hoshi, an extraterrestrial who tries to escape from the International Agency that was holding him.

Hoshi will use his abilities to transform into Blas (Hugo Morenilla) and remain hidden from his pursuers. After the initial scare, Sara (Ava Salazar), Álex (Yanai Cruz), Óliver (Manuel Baldé) and Andy (Adrián Checa) will form a gang with Hoshi to help him recover his ship and return to his planet.