Present at Iberseries Platino, Secuoya Studios and BTF Media announced the creation of Micelio Media Group, a new audiovisual brand created from the merger of the content businesses of both companies.

Secuoya Studios and BTF Media were the main stars of the fourth day of Iberseries Platino Industria this Thursday with the joint announcement of the creation of Micelio Media Group, a new audiovisual brand created from the merger of the content businesses of both companies.

Understood as an umbrella that will encompass the operations of the two production companies -which will continue to operate independently- Micelio Media Group was born with operations in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and the US.

During the presentation, Raúl Berdonés, CEO of Secuoya, explained that the intention is to create an audiovisual group similar to Endemol Shine, with global operations and sub-brands operating independently.

“Micelio is the merger of two major studios: Secuya Studios and BTF México with the aim of becoming the main Spanish-speaking production company in the world. This is our objective and one that we have easy to achieve, because today we already have a presence in several countries. A great presence in Spain, another in Mexico, but also in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Miami and Los Angeles, so what remains for us is to strengthen the different countries where we are lower by uniting talents and companies,” Raúl Berdonés told ttvnews .

“Each studio will continue to work with its own brand. Secuoya Studios remains, BTF remains, but we are going to add a surname, without a doubt: by Micelio Media Group. Because in the end we are the same group. I always say by way of comparison that this is similar to Endemol, now Banijay, which has an umbrella and the Endemol Group is the one who makes the sale, but in the end the one that sells is Shine, Zeppelin, Getmusic. Each brand has its product, has its specialization, its management, its direction and what we have is a group that protects us all and leads us to unify the general criteria for the public, sales and customers,” he added.

Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero, founders of Break The Format (BTF Media’s mother company), stated that the merger of the content business with Secuoya Studios consolidates and strengthens the expansion strategy that BTF Media has worked on in recent years.

“We firmly believe that our joint vision of the future of the audiovisual industry unites us and presents us not only with a panorama where alliances increasingly make sense, but also multiplies our possibilities of being predominant in the creative offer, in the development and in the production of content that manages to be relevant worldwide, and created in collaboration with the best Spanish-speaking talents”, said Coeto and Cordero.

As detailed during the press conference, the participation of both in Micelio Media Group will be 50-50. In addition, the idea of adding new producers to the umbrella was emphasized, either through alliances or acquisitions.

“We want to work with and for the best in each country,” they explained, while highlighting that the company already forecasts a volume of more than 150 formats and audiovisual content, including series, documentaries, entertainment programs and feature films.

The creation of Micelio Media Group will include production and marketing departments and, the great novelty, will be the creation of its own distribution arm.