Already present in Europe, Latin America and Africa, the niche network has now launched in Switzerland through pay TV operator, UPC.

Since the 25th of June, RTVE’s drama channel STAR HD has been available in Switzerland via UPC’s pay-TV service.

The network began broadcasting in the Americas in early 2016 and is currently watched by more than a million viewers in Latin America, Europe and Africa; and now is also available in Switzerland.

STAR HD is RTVE’s commitment to bringing the best drama series, films and entertainment programmes to a worldwide audience, with the best picture quality.

The theme channel’s programming is designed to deliver RTVE’s drama and entertainment programmes (in a ratio of 80% and 20% respectively), which have had the best audience results in Spain and have received awards in different international competitions.

Currently, STAR HD programming includes drama productions such as I’m Alive, The Mysteries of Laura, Detectives and Remember When….

In addition, the entertainment programmes provide a vision of Spain and its cultural diversity. Those programmes being broadcast now include: Destination Spain, News Team, A Country to Be Eaten and Spaniards Around the World, among others.

It also includes daytime series such as Love in difficult times, Six Sisters and Acacias 38.