Co-produced with VIS Americas and Brazilian animation studio, Estricnina, Mean Boys, the platform’s first animated Christmas special, will premiere later this year.

Porta Dos Fundos announces the production of their first animated Christmas special, Mean Boys, part of the portfolio of original content being created for the streaming platform Paramount+. The special will be a co-production with Brazilian animation studio Estricnina to premiere exclusively on Paramount+ later this year.

Mean Boys will give the audience a glimpse Jesus’ life before he was Christ, arriving at a new high school and, with the help of his friend Lázaro, trying to fit in.

“We always wanted to make an animation,” said Fábio Porchat, Co-Founder and Screenwriter for Porta Dos Fundos. “This pandemic turned our desire into a necessity. After all, drawing can’t transmit a virus.”

The Porta dos Fundos Christmas specials have always made a statement and this year will not be the exception. Mean Boys will follow the woes and misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate life in high school and will undoubtedly push boundaries as they show just how mean boys can be.

In 2019, Porta dos Fundos won an International Emmy® for their Christmas special The Last Hangover while their 2020 Christmas special The Edge of Theocracy has had over 1.3 billion impressions in social media.

This Paramount+ Original adds to the mountain of entertainment recently added the platform, which includes must-see content, such as Mark Wahlberg’s new movie Infinite, Spanish series Parot, the latest season of the iCarly reboot, Ricardo Arjona’s streaming concert Hecho a la Antigua, new seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale and Acapulco Shore, and the highly anticipated Manos Arriba Chef.

In addition, Paramount+ will soon premiere Cecilia, the Mexican series with Mariana Treviño which is already creating a buzz, the return of the groundbreaking docuseries Behind The Music, the long-awaited Madonna documentary Madame X, Academy Award®️ winner Juan José Campanella’s series Los Enviados starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Luis Gerardo Méndez, the new season of Dexter, the intriguing documentary Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne’s Story, the compelling family drama American Rust starring Jeff Daniels, animated series Star Trek Lower Decks based on the beloved Star Trek franchise, and the Rugrats reboot. All this and much more exclusively at Paramount+.