A report by the IPSOS Mori institute reveals that in the last quarter of 2018, more than 470 movies and 538 million series episodes were illegally accessed online in the country, generating multimillion-dollar losses for the industry.

In an unprecedented study in Brazil, the IPSOS Mori institute revealed the real magnitude of the impact that piracy has on the audiovisual industry in the country.

The report entitled “Television and Movie Online Piracy in Brazil,” commissioned by the Motion Picture Association and based on a survey of more than 2,400 internet users in the country, indicates that in the last quarter of 2018, 470 movies and 538 Millions of series episodes were accessed illegally.

Taking into account the average price per subscription to pay TV in Brazil and the number of “lost” viewers based on pirated content, the study concludes that the losses for the industry reach almost US$ 200 million (4 billion reais).

With these numbers, in addition, the report indicates that the volume of consumption of pirated audiovisual content is getting closer to the level of consumption of legal content.

The survey also revealed that 28% of unauthorized accesses were made through platforms where users generate content, a device widely used for the pirated transmission of live programming, such as news and football games.

This modality is used largely due to how easy it is to access pirated content in Brazil, with almost 80% of those surveyed saying that it is “very easy” to find this type of content on the internet, while only 4% said that it is “very difficult” to do so.

The study estimates that industry revenues could be 17% higher if there were no piracy.