The consulting firm presented its first ranking of the ten most viewed series on streaming platforms in the US, which is entirely dominated by Netflix. Classic series, in addition, beat new releases, occupying eight of the ten positions.

The streaming universe is becoming more and more populated in the US, with the arrival of new platforms and services that increase competition, and the arrival of thousands of new users seeking to fill their days with entertainment, especially in these times of pandemic and confinement.

But in the face of growing competition, one thing remains constant: Netflix is still king.

That at least according to the first Top 10 ranking of the most viewed content on OTT platforms in the country, presented this week by Nielsen, based on the total number of minutes that all consumers who have access to streaming platforms spent watching each content .

To no surprise, this first ranking is entirely dominated by Netflix.

In the week of August 3-9, the most watched OTT series was The Umbrella Academy, which with the premiere of its second season accumulated more than 3 billion minutes, leading the first Nielsen Top 10.

It should be noted that, except for In The Dark (seventh place, 418 minutes) released at the end of 2019, the other eight positions in the ranking are occupied by classic or long-running series for the platform.

Shameless is thus placed in second place with 1.1 billion minutes, with Grey’s Anatomy (918 million) closing the podium in third place.

In fourth place comes The Office (987 million), followed by Criminal Minds (697 million) and NCIS (524 million). Dexter (316 million), Supernatural (315 million) and Parks and Recreation (304 million) close the list in eighth, ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Netflix ended the second quarter of 2020 with almost 73 million subscribers in the US, its closest rival, Hulu, ended the period with 32 million, while Amazon Prime Video does not reveal its user numbers. Disney+, meanwhile, continues to grow with more than 30 million users in the US less than a year after its launch.