At the “Mais Brasil Na Tela” event, the company announced that in 2022 alone it will develop 40 local original productions.

This Tuesday, Netflix held an event in São Paulo entitled “Mais Brasil Na Tela” (More Brazil on the screen), where it presented everything it’s working on in terms of content and reiterated its commitment to local production.

“I can say that Netflix will invest and produce like never before in Brazil,” said Elisabetta Zenatti, VP of Content at Netflix in Brazil. “We are going to have premieres every month next year.”

The streaming platform announced that it will invest in the development of 40 new Brazilian ideas by 2022.

In the event, where Netflix celebrated its ten years of presence in the country and five producing, more than 25 actors, creators, executives and other players in the sector participated, who spoke about how to build a more robust and plural local industry.

“We produce in Brazil mainly for Brazilians, after all we have a large audience here. The only thing we can offer is to create Brazilian content for Brazilians. Sometimes a series is the starting point to spark people’s interest in a certain culture,” added Zenatti.

In addition, he explained that after investing more in development so that creators can delve deeper into their content before receiving the green light, the second step is to invest in the next generation of creators, through programs such as Creative Collaboration, a collaboration between AFAR Ventures and WIP, with funding from Netflix.

Up next, all the titles announced, including series, movies, reality shows and animations.


Netflix confirmed that there will be new seasons of the fiction series Sintonia, Cidade Invisível, Irmandade and Bom Dia Verônica.

In addition, the reality shows Casamentos às Cegas Brasil and Brincando com Fogo Brasil were also renewed for 2022.


Todo Dia a Mesma Noite: 5-episode fiction series based on real events and the novel by Daniela Arbex. It tells the story of the tragic fire at the Boate Kiss nightclub, where 242 people died. Produced by Morena Filmes.

A Sogra que Te Pariu: the first Brazilian sitcom, with the comedian Rodrigo Sant’Anna.

Cheguei: comedy special also by Rodrigo Sant’Anna.

Whindersson Nunes – É de mim mesmo: comedy special by YouTuber Whindersson Nunes.

Queer Eye Brasil: local version of the reality show.

Iron Chef Brasil: culinary talent show presented by actress Fernanda Souza.

Ideias a Venda: entrepreneurship contest led by Eliana.

Depois do Universo: teen drama film starring Henry Zaga and Giulia Be.

Carga Máxima: Netflix’s first original action movie, starring Thiago Martins.

Biônicos: science fiction film directed by Afonso Poyart.

Natal, Um Natal Cheio de Graça: Christmas movie.

O Menino Maluquinho: animated series of the legendary character created by Ziraldo.

Acorda, Carlo!: animated series about a 7-year-old boy who fell asleep for two decades and when he wakes up his friends are adults full of responsibilities.