It’s an original format that will be produced by iZen, a group to which Zebra Producciones (El Cid) belongs, and that will give away a prize of 100,000 euros.

In June 2020, Netflix was betting on strengthening its Entertainment division in Spain with the incorporation of Álvaro Díaz, who came to lead the department after 20 years at Zeppelin.

And eight months later, castings for the first Netflix reality series created and produced in Spain have begun: Insiders.

It will be a production by iZen, the parent group of production companies such as Zebra and BocaBoca, which has already opened the virtual casting for participants.

“Anyone can compete on Insider and fight for the final prize of 100,000 euros. Those interested should do so through The only requirements to participate are to be of legal age and want to experience something totally new. Don’t try to guess. More details when you’re inside,” the tagline reads.

As the company announced, the new show will premiere in 2021.

“We are very proud to undertake this project together with iZen. We are excited about the possibility of experimenting with a new genre for us in Spain and continuing to innovate with an entertainment format created here,“ says Álvaro Díaz, Director of Non-fiction Content at Netflix.

Insiders thus becomes the first reality show that Netflix produces in Spain and will join the service’s reality show offerings such as The Circle, Love is Blind or more recently, Too Hot To Handle, among others.