The Spanish drama made its way into Parrot Analytics’ rankings of the most demanded series in the country, where the list, just like in the rest of Latin America, is mostly dominated by Disney+ and series in English.

Disney + continues to gain ground among the most demanded series in all Latin American countries, leading the Parrot Analytics rankings with its original productions.

And Venezuela is no exception, where in the week of May 10-16, the Marvel drama, WandaVision, led the digital ranking with 9.8 times more demand than the average series.

However, Netflix at least managed to dominate the rest of the podium in the country, thanks to the always popular Spanish series Money Heist, which with 8.45 times more demand took second place and is also the only Hispanic representative on the list; and Stranger Things (8.33x) in third place.

Disney managed to claim the next two spots, with The Mandalorian in fourth (6.49x) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in fifth (6.01x).

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why ranked sixth with 8.85 times more demand, followed by Amazon Prime Video series Invincible (5.48x) and The Boys (5.14x) in seventh and eighth, respectively.

The ranking of most demanded digital series in Venezuela is closed by two Netflix series: The Queen’s Gambit with 5.06 times more demand and Castlevania with 4.15.

Parrot Analytics’ general ranking of the most popular series in the country was almost entirely dominated by children’s series, another great trend among Latin American countries.

In first place was placed PAW Patrol with 13.22 times more demand, while Peppa Pig took third place with 11.8 times more demand.

SpongeBob placed fourth (11.17x), Plim Plim the clown fifth (10.6x), Attack on Titan came sixth (10.1x), Masha and the Bear eighth (9.18x) and My Hero Academia finished ninth ( 8.83x).

The only non-children’s series in the general list were Game of Thrones (second place, 12.21x), WandaVision (seventh, 9.83x) and Money Heist (tenth, 8.45x).