MipCancun more consolidated than ever with more than 800 attendees from 46 countries

The third day of the event once again showed excellent networking opportunities, a great number of executives walking its spaces, a high level on its panels and included the announcement of some deals

The organization, more than satisfied with the 2022 edition of MipCancun, which is taking place these days -from November 13 to 16- at the Moon Palace Hotel, shared the figures of the event, together with its joy for having staged a meeting place where industry executives have felt comfortable and worked at a great pace.

“We are very happy, really, because apart from the numbers that have been formidable, we are talking about more than 800 people and 46 countries represented, it is a very special moment for the entire industry,” said, with satisfaction, María Pérez-Belliere, director of MipCancun, who stressed that the event has served to “consolidate agreements”, but more than anything to create an environment that invites you to enjoy meetings and networking among colleagues.

“People feel at home,” Pérez-Belliere said. “That is what we really want to transmit, what is transmitted in the energy of our team and in the energy of the people who are here. It gives me great pleasure to go from a conference to the distribution room and see that people are talking like a big family, and you could see this even during the opening party. That’s the success [of the event].”

The third day of the event once again showed an intense coming and going in their networking spaces, with some announcements of new agreements, such as the one closed between CDC United Network and OnePlay. The day began with a breakfast sponsored by A+E that presented its fresh content in a showcase held at the Cancun Theatre, where it highlighted the main titles that cover a wide range of genres.

At the same time, the conferences maintained their very high level, with panels such as the one presented by Telemundo Streaming Studios, titled “Fearless storytelling: is it worth it?”, with the participation of Juan Ponce, Pablo Culell and Lara Talamas, from Telemundo Streaming Studios.

The panel focused on the history of Telemundo, its growth and the sound analysis that led to the creation of Telemundo Streaming Studios: “As a company we knew that the evolution of the industry was headed towards streaming platforms as the first window for content and a destination in itself,” Ponce said. “NBC decided to continue its leadership in production and put together a team dedicated to providing production services for those clients who needed, beyond the change in format, a new type of stories.”

Telenovelas were the focus of discussion in the keynote “Igniting Today’s Audiences Through Latin Melodrama”, which had Karen Barroeta, Executive VP of Production and Development at Telemundo Global Studios, as the speaker. “Audiences are still interested and attracted by this type of format, they enjoy it,” said the executive. “Being able to have a long format, from three to five months, before we were talking about eight to ten months, strategically speaking it’s an advantage. When you have a soap opera that works for you and has a great rating, sitting there for five months without worry is wonderful.”

There was also space for diversity and inclusion with different panels, including one focused on the leading women in the Hispanic audiovisual industry, with the participation of Mariana Pérez, from The Walt Disney Company, Coty Cagliolo, from Fremantle Latam, Karina Dolgiej, from BBC Studios and Ana Celia Urquidi, CEO of Atenea Media. The panel was held within the framework of the Mipcom Cannes Diversify TV Awards and the MipCancun Award.

The event will close this Wednesday the 16th with its fourth and last day, in which a traditional decrease in movement is expected, but one that will not erase the good sensations of the previous days. “What I want to make clear is that MipCancun is more consolidated than ever,” said Pérez-Belliere. “And we already invite you all to come to the 10th edition in 2023. We will confirm the dates later, but you will always be welcome.”