Chilean producer DDRio is preparing the local adaptation of Telefe’s successful telenovela, which will premiere at 10:30pm to replace Juegos de poder.

A year after announcing the acquisition of the format, Mega is now producing the Chilean adaptation of 100 Days to Fall in Love, the successful Argentine series produced by Underground for Telefe.

The Chilean version will be Mega’s new series for 10:30pm, to replace Juegos de poder. It will be produced by DDRio.

The original story was created by Sebastián Ortega and written by Ernesto Korovsky, Silvina Frejdkes and Alejandro Quesada. The Chilean adaptation will be developed by Rodrigo Bastidas and a team of screenwriters.

100 Days to Fall in Love was the fiction of the year in 2018 in Argentina. It dominated the ratings race during its 125 episodes, with a share of 45%, and ended with a 56.8% share, a historical record.

The comedy tells the story of Laura and Antonia, two friends who after almost twenty years of marriage, decide to take a 100 day break from their respective husbands. During that impasse, they take the opportunity to reflect on their relationships and experience what it is to have a date today. After 100 days, they must decide whether or not to continue with their marriages.

In addition to Chile, the series is being adapted in the US by Telemundo for the Hispanic market, and by VIS and Paramount TV in English, for Showtime Networks.