The Italian broadcaster acquired Interrupted and Dreams and Realities.

Turkish distributor Inter Medya announced an agreement with Mediaset Italy, one of Italy’s premier media companies, for the licensing of two highly acclaimed New Generation Turkish Series, Interrupted and Dreams and Realities.

Turkish dramas, celebrated far and wide for their enthralling narratives and superlative production prowess, have been firmly establishing their eminence in Italy, captivating audiences across generations.

The successful mini-series, Interrupted and Dreams And Realities, have already, fervently ensnared the affections of audiences worldwide, through their bold and edgy storylines, exceptional performances, and high production values.

Following the remarkable success of Turkish series in Spain, this phenomenon continues to flourish in Italy as well.

Inter Medya’s phenomenal title, Bitter Lands, continues its triumphant voyage on Canale 5, further amplifying the Turkish content’s resounding resonance in Italy.