As revealed by Argentine media, Celeste Cid and Gonzalo Valenzuela will star in RSVP, the new original series for the long-awaited Disney OTT platform, focused on the life of the famous Argentine event organizer.

Last week, from ttvOriginals we reviewed all the series announced so far for Star, Disney’s new adult brand that will arrive in Latin America as an independent streaming platform (Star+), on August 31.

And now, one more title has been released. According to the Argentine magazine Gente, RSVP is already underway, a new fiction inspired by the life of Bárbara Diez, who participates as executive producer alongside Emiliano Szulewicz.

Bárbara Diez is a renowned Argentine event planner, in charge of organizing the “most exclusive and innovative events in the region”. In recent months, she made headlines because of her estrangement, after 20 years of marriage, from politician Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, current head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

RSVP will have between 8 and 10 episodes, and is written by Mariana Wainstein, Pablo Rossi, María Zanetti and Luz Márquez.

According to the magazine, the series will tell the life of an event organizer who assembles a new professional work team and from there conflicts and new work and love ties will be born.

Celeste Cid will put herself in the shoes of Malena, a businesswoman dedicated to event planning, and the Chilean Gonzalo Valenzuela will play Marcos, with whom she has a conflict marriage. In addition, Leticia Siciliani and Gustavo Bonfigli are part of the cast.

Shooting for RSVP will begin in the next few days in Buenos Aires.