Starring Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa, the new telenovela is produced by Juan Osorio.

The countdown begins to Univision’s new series, La Herencia (The Inheritance), which will premiere on July 11th starring the beloved actress Michelle Renaud and heartthrob Matías Novoa.

This exciting melodrama is a story about love, power and tragedy that takes viewers into a family’s fight for a legacy.

Produced by Juan Osorio (El Ultimo Rey), the story begins at “Santa Catalina”, the avocado farm where Don Severiano Del Monte (Leonardo Daniel) and his wife, Catalina Arango (Anna Ciocchetti) live with their five adopted sons: Juan (Matías Novia), Pedro (Daniel Elbittar), Mateo (Mauricio Henao), Simon (Emmanuel Palomares) and Lucas (Juan Pablo Gil). When Don Severiano passes away due to a terrible accident, the lives of these brothers are turned upside down when they meet the sister they did not know existed.

Sara Del Monte (Michelle Renaud) is the only blood daughter of Don Severiano and has felt neglected by her father her entire life. This caused Sara’s mother, Déborah Portillo (Elizabeth Álvarez), to push her to go to the reading of the will and fight for her inheritance. The last thing these six siblings expected were there to be conditions in order to receive the inheritance they thought was automatically theirs. The inheritance will come to unearth the past and confront Sara with the Del Monte brothers, who will defend the land that formed them as good people, awakening in them feelings and actions that they never imagined experiencing.

The star-studded cast includes Daniel Ebittar, Mauricio Henao, Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil, Paulina Matos, Tiaré Scanda, Elizabeth Álvarez, Mildred Feuchter, Julián Gil, Amaranta Ruiz, Christian Ramos, Diego de Erice, Leonardo Daniel, Sergio Basáñez, Anna Ciocchetti, Verónica Jaspeado, Juan Carlos Barreto, Roberto Blandón, Rafael Inclán and Lucero Lander.