Produced by ARC Film and distributed by Kanal D International, the new drama has been the top rated drama in Turkey for the last two weeks in a row.

Kanal D is celebrating the successful launch of its most recent Turkish romantic comedy, Twist of Fate, which made its debut on June 15 and quickly became a ratings hit.

Originally titled Baht Oyunu and produced by ARC Film, the drama has been the top rated drama in Turkey for the last two weeks in a row, according to the network.

In addition to its championship at the local rankings, Twist of Fate reached 7 million views per episode on Youtube which creates a massive fan base only at its first month.

Starring Aytaç Şaşmaz, Cemre Baysel, İdris Nebi Taşkan, Aslı Sümen, Hande Subaşı and Altan Erkekli, the drama tells the story of Ada, a young girl who believes that if she is abandoned by her first love, she will be unhappy forever like the women of her maternal side.

While trying to escape the fate of her family, Ada falls in love with Rüzgar, a student from Albania at the same university who is threatened with deportation. Believing that Rüzgar is her first love, Ada proposes him and they have a fake marriage to prevent his deportation. She believes that Rüzgar will literally propose to her on the 3rd anniversary of their fake marriage and then their real marriage adventure will finally begin.

But unfortunately, all the dreams and hopes of Ada will be ruined when she is abandoned by Rüzgar on their 3rd wedding anniversary. Ada immediately takes action to get her first love back. But fate has its own way and will put Bora in Ada’s way at an unexpected moment… A workaholic, callous, self-righteous alpha male with tightly closed doors for love…

Written by Erkan Birgören & Tuna Kıygı and directed by Serdar Gözelekli, Twist of Fate continues to be on air every Tuesday in prime time on Kanal D. It is distributed by Kanal D International.