Titled The Voice Rap, the new version is aimed at a younger audience and will feature talented performers in genres like hip hop, mumble rap or reggaeton. It has already been picked up by Turkish SVOD platform, Exxen, to be produced by Acun Medya.

ITV Studios, makers of The Voice, introduced a new spin off: The Voice Rap, a digital first music competition developed specifically for the younger audience.

In this newest version, the mic is given to the most unique, talented and aspiring rappers. From Hip Hop to Mumble Rap, and Reggaeton to Pop music. Talents will have to give it their all to impress the coaches with their distinctive style, rhythm and poetry.

The format has already been picked up by Turkish SVOD platform Exxen, where it will launch later this month and is being produced by Acun Medya, who also produces The Voice and its spin-offs in Turkey, Greece and Mexico.

Maarten Meijs, President, Global Entertainment, ITV Studios said: “We are incredibly excited to bring this newest spin-off to the market. Rap music has been conquering the charts for decades and translates into the hottest music genres in the game with a loyal community of followers.”

“Where The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior are formats that cater to all ages, this version is about celebrating a special skill set that is used in various genres. It’s original, diverse, and fits perfectly to our cross platform strategy with the rise of on demand players, skewed at the younger audiences. The Voice is a positive show, an empowering platform that uncovers the best talent. The Voice Rap adds to that: original storytelling with a unique look and own lyrics on existing beats.”

Acun Ilıcalı, Founder & Chairman of Acun Medya Group, added: “We are extremely proud and excited to be the pioneer to launch the newest spin-off: The Voice Rap. Our mutual efforts with ITV Studios will once more create new horizons for young talents and aspiring rappers in different territories to follow.”

The award-winning format that celebrates its 10-year anniversary, continues to prove its power with strong performances for all its versions across the globe. The Voice franchise has a total of 133 adaptations across the globe, making it the biggest and most adapted format in the non-scripted global marketplace to date.

About The Voice Rap

In this brand new spin-off we open up The Voice-stage for aspiring rap talent across the globe. Featuring the amazing Blind Auditions and other rounds added with rap specific challenges, these talents will have to give it their all to sway the coaches with their own style, rhythm and flow. From Hip Hop to Mumble Rap, and Reggaeton to Pop music, the show will showcase a diverse line-up of world’s most streamed music. Four iconic coaches from distinct rap music genres will take their place in the red chairs, trying to find the new rap phenomenon.