Zee Content Sales seeks to bring its internationally successful content like Ser, el secreto and Taj to Latin America

LA Screenings 2023, which is taking place these days at the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles, presents Zee Content Sales with the opportunity to show the latest from its catalogue, one loaded with international hits that are seeking their place on screens across Latin America.

“We bring a lot of content to Latin America; content that has worked in other regions and we are confident that it will succeed here,” said Irwin Inman, Director of Syndication for Latin America at Zee Content Sales.

“Within the series that we have, I would like to highlight Ser, el secreto, a thriller with hidden love affairs and revenge that have not yet been resolved,” Inman commented. “It has 60 40-minute episodes. It is a co-production shot in Lebanon and I think that for the Latin American public it is a perfect telenovela.”

“Then we bring a new action miniseries, with 10 40-minute episodes, called Taj,” he added. “It is about the Mughal Empire, a dynasty that ruled India in the 16th century, and how an older king must decide which of his three sons should inherit the throne.”

“The king decides to hold a competition to see which of his sons deserves the throne: he sends them to battle against an enemy empire,” the executive explained. “In this series you will find action, love, secrets of the palace and some images, an extraordinary cinematographic quality”.