Deception, Tuzak, Poison Ivy and Another Chance are among the content offerings that Inter Medya will bring to Cannes.

Turkish distributor Inter Medya is gearing up for Mipcom 2023 with its extensive content catalog. Once again, the company is set to make a bold appearance at Mipcom with a remarkable lineup.

This season, the highly acclaimed series Deception, produced by TIMS&B Productions and currently dominating Thursday nights across all demographics in its second season, is coming to Mipcom with Inter Medya. Additionally, the star-studded series Tuzak, featuring Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral, the successful drama series Poison Ivy, and Another Chance are among the content offerings that Inter Medya will bring to Mipcom.

The first prime-time content resulting from the co-production agreement between Inter Medya and Telemundo Global Studios, Blue Cage, produced by O3 Medya, is also making its global market debut with Inter Medya at Mipcom. Another project stemming from this multi-year agreement, Hicran, will be introduced to potential partners by Inter Medya.

In an exciting co-production deal with Caracol Television, Inter Medya will unveil the European premiere of Leylifer, a production of Alim Yapım, during Mipcom.

Inter Medya, with its expanding catalog of mini-series, is set to capture attention at Mipcom by presenting a wide selection of New Generation Turkish Series. The European launch of The Ivy, a TOD Original series whose international distribution is undertaken by Inter Medya, will be held on October 16th, Monday, at Inter Medya’s Pavilion C16.C, accompanied by a media event.

Inter Medya, which handles the international distribution of all content from one of Turkey’s leading digital platforms, will be introducing also these mini-series to the global market for the first time.

In addition to the above, projects like Scorpion, Last Summer, The Trusted, The Girl Of The Green Valley, and Aziz are also among the exciting content offerings that Inter Medya will present at Mipcom.

Inter Medya’s feature films catalog, which boasts over 400 films, has recently garnered attention for its expanding categories, including dramas, comedies, horror films, and art house films. The diversity of content in these categories is sure to captivate audiences.

In addition to its impressive feature films catalog, Inter Medya’s long-standing format catalog is also making its debut at Mipcom. This format catalog is brimming with colorful content ranging from dating shows and cooking programs to reality series and game shows. The variety of formats offered by Inter Medya is set to add a vibrant and dynamic dimension to this year’s Mipcom event.