The Turkish distributor announced a raft of recent sales for the Turkish drama, including Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain, US Hispanic, Puerto Rico and Panama.

Turkish production and distribution company Inter Medya continues to license one of its most promising drama series, The Girl of the Green Valley.

Produced by Yesil Yapim and starred by worldwide famous Beren Gökyıldız, the drama has already been licensed to various countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Spain, Hungary and Israel last month.

Recently, Inter Medya announced that they inked deals also in the US Hispanic market, Puerto Rico, Peru and Panama.

The Girl of the Green Valley is inspired from the beloved book Ann of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The successful drama tells the story of a girl, who is left without a mother and father.

Last month, The Girl of the Green Valley made it’s international premiere on Wapa TV in Puerto Rico with the title Melissa According to a Nielsen poll, the first episode, which aired from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, set a ratings record against major local channels that managed to dominate the entire demographic.

Inter Medya stated that there are other countries in the pipeline which they will announce soon.