Hours after its launch, HBO Max announced that the platform will be available to Xfinity customers, adding millions of potential customers.

The streaming industry got rocked this Wednesday with the highly anticipated launch of HBO Max. And hours after its arrival, the company announced good news: it closed a distribution alliance with Comcast.

As detailed, HBO Max will thus be available to Xfinity customers. Those who already paid for HBO will have free access to the OTT, those who cannot, will be able to sign up for it directly through Xfinity.

The alliance represents growth of millions of subscribers and access to millions of potential clients.

Comcast joins pay TV operators such as Charter and Verizon; digital operators such as YouTube and Apple TV; or players like PlayStation and Xbox.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV, on the other hand, still do not offer access to HBO Max. Roku alone is in 40 million homes, making it a key partner in meeting the goal of reaching between 75 and 90 million subscribers by 2025.

With 10,000 hours of content between cinema and TV, HBO Max has been received with open arms by specialized critics in the US, which already place the platform as a serious rival to Netflix.

At the moment, the OTT is only available in the US, although according to the plans already announced it could expand internationally starting in 2021.