The increasing popularity of international content has accelerated the company’s growth, which also led to the expansion of its Mexico studios with new dubbing and mixing rooms.

With the global rise and consolidation of OTT platforms, -content localization is becoming imperative in meeting the growing demand of international audiences. A trend that started flourishing during the pandemic and is picking up speed.

However, this was not the only change triggered by the pandemic. For the past two years, localization companies, just like any other industry, had to adjust to a new ‘normality’.
“Adapting to a new reality is not something we only had to do during the pandemic, as our industry is constantly changing and adaptation needs to be continuous,” explained to ttv Dolores Irazábal, Business Development Director at Haymillian.

“Adapting to the new ‘pandemic’ normal was a bit easier for the localization industry, as we collaborate daily with people from different countries or continents. At Haymillian, we took advantage of this knowledge and we built on it to maintain business continuity while keeping team members and clients safe,” added the executive.

The truth is that the pandemic had a “positive effect” on the localization business. “The increase in content demand brought along an increase in the demand for dubbing, subtitling, and access services, as well as a diversification of services and an increased need for fast turnarounds. As a result, the localization industry experienced growth when most industries were seeing their turnover decline,” explained Irazábal.

The growing popularity of international content, with countries seeking productions from new territories, has altered the landscape of the dubbing and subtitling industry.
“The rise of international content has had a significant impact on us. More and more often we provide services in languages with limited demand until recently,” affirmed Irazábal.

“Today, Korean, Japanese and Chinese are part of our everyday life at work. On top of this, in the past couple of years, the content genres have also diversified, and we now receive orders for dubbing anime, web series, and educational content, in addition to feature films, documentaries, and animation which have always represented an important percentage of the projects we work on,” she added.

Haymillian has always had a strong presence in Latin America, which has been further enhanced in 2020 with the opening of new studios in Mexico.

“Our studios in Mexico have experienced continued growth during the past two years. The number of dubbing projects they cater to increases steadily,” remarked Irazábal.

In order to meet the growing demand, Haymillian has expanded its studio in 2022 by adding new dubbing and mixing rooms.

“It is a busy but happy time for Haymillian, as we are working on several big projects right now. We are dubbing multiple anime projects into Spanish and Arabic, while we have just finished dubbing nine Korean drama series for CJ & ENM. At the same time, we worked on a number of Turkish series, which are quite popular in Latin America,” concluded Irazábal.