The Brazilian giant will offer the showcases “The Future is Female”, with a focus on productions that reinforce the theme of female empowerment; and “Global Hits Makeover,” which will feature new versions of some of its biggest hits.

Globo will be at Miptv Digital 2021, one of the most traditional tradeshows in the industry, bringing news and highlights in two exclusive showcases that will be available between April 12 and 16. The “Showcase The Future Is Female: A dive into trends in Globo content” brings a look at the trend of female empowerment from productions that reinforce this theme – including with the new Globoplay Original series A Woman’s Fate.

In “Globo Series Showcase: Global Hits Makeover”, new series versions of the hits Brazil Avenue and Hidden Truths will be presented, with a focus on new consumers of digital platforms.

Showcase The Future Is Female: A Dive Into Trends In Globo Content (Available between April 12 to 16)

Having the consumer at the center of Globo’s strategies means producing diverse and plural stories that mirror society’s trends and generate value in people’s lives. And once a great movement that has been impacting society and guiding conversations is the female protagonism, the “Showcase The Future Is Female: A dive into trends in Globo content “presents characters from stories that contribute to the reflection of the role and strength of women in the world today, to inspire the future.

At the event, actresses Lilia Cabral, Camila Pitanga, Débora Falabella, Giovanna Antonelli, Taís Araujo, and Marjorie Estiano reinforce characters present in telenovelas, series and documentaries of Globo: courageous, resilient, and inspiring women, and how they corroborate themes of representation, leadership and self-knowledge from the productions.

The showcase also presents the Original Globoplay series A Woman’s Fate for the first time to the international market. Full of overcoming portraits, the series tells the story of Stella, who asks for a divorce after 50 years and this unexpected decision changes the lives of everyone around her, especially her daughter Lívia and the unknown Cléo. From there, the three women who were trapped by social standards that did not make them happy start to have new chances to reinvent themselves in the search for happiness.

Globo Series Showcase: Global Hits Makeover (Available between April 12 to 16)

The avenging story of Brazil Avenue and the seductive plot of Hidden Truths have conquered the world in recent years. Now they are back, reformatted into new special series versions – shorter, more agile, and focused on new consumers of digital platforms.

The showcase, which includes the participation of Head of International Sales Angela Colla and Lucas Zardo, Executive Producer (Drama) – Globo Studios, shows how the bet on global hits reformatted for the series version becomes a great opportunity – not only to engage current audiences , but also to connect with new consumers of digital platforms.

Brazil Avenue, International Emmy Nominee in 2013 and licensed to more than 130 countries, brings the dramatic story of Rita and her thirsty for revenge to recover the life that her terrible stepmom Carminha stole from her when she was a child.

Hidden Truths, winner of the International Emmy Awards in 2016 and sold to more than 75 countries, tells the story of Angel, a teenager who dreams of a modeling career and joins a prostitution scheme where she meets a powerful businessman. Obsessed with her, he marries the girl’s mother as a last resort to stay close to her.