The first global video game platform created by a sports club will begin operating in April 2024 and will offer games, music, tournaments, social interaction, exclusive stores and more.

* By Rodrigo Ros, from Madrid, Spain

From the Barça Immersive Tour, the Temporary Museum of FC Barcelona, and in front of representatives of the press and special guests, Barça Games was presented, a new platform that will be launched in April 2024.

The project is born from a collaboration between FC Barcelona, Mas Ros Media and FiReSports.

The event was headed by Joan Laporta (President of the FC Barcelona), Marcos Santana (Founder of Mas Ros Media) and Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes (Founder & CEO of FiReSports) who anticipated that the platform will position itself as “the largest pool of gamers in the world”.

More details about the platform’s entire offer will be presented in the upcoming months.

During the presentation, the companies revealed that users will be able to carry out different activities within it: from listening to music through Spotify, playing their favorite video games, participate in tournaments, socialize with other people, access the exclusive store to buy Barça Games t-shirts, skins, tickets for concerts or esports tournaments, on-demand content aimed at the gamer audience and even do physical exercise to double your points.

Thanks to these different functionalities, users will accumulate points that will allow them to enter the Virtual Masía, “a mythical and unique place in the world” that trained the most important stars in the history of Futbol Club Barcelona. The Virtual Mesía will now have the objective of training professional and occasional gamers and promoting educational proposals with axes such as streaming, production, management of social networks and broadcasting. Everything in one place.

“The creation of the Barça Games platform responds to the Club’s clear commitment to continue being leaders in the face of new opportunities and promote the construction of the Espai Barça Digital, grouping all the clubs we have around the world in the same digital community and reinforcing also his feeling of belonging to FC Barcelona,” said Joan Laporta.

“The appearance of Broadband completely fragmented entertainment, sports and video games together became the leaders of the sector. Barça Games is the representation of both on a single platform, under one of the most important and relevant sports brands in the entire world such as Futbol Club Barcelona,” explained Marcos Santana.

For Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes “Barça Games will become the dream of the most important brands in the world, because it will allow them to connect with one of the most complex and difficult to reach audiences, through creative, sophisticated and unique formats, hand in hand with the mythical Football Club Barcelona.”

The platform, which is in full development, will be officially launched in 2024, but in the coming months there will be different announcements and activations that will show the scope of this project that unites traditional sports with gaming and esports.