The content localization company is present in Cannes to meet with current clients and new partners, with a focus on Asian and European companies.

Content localization is booming and, as one of the main companies in the field in our region, Universal Cinergia is experiencing a great present.

“Fortunately, we are working a lot and our studio in Brazil, which opened last year, is super busy,” says Elisa Aquino, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Universal Cinergia, in dialogue with ttv during the current edition of Miptv 2023. “Although there is a lot of competition, we continue to be very strong and we keep adding new clients,” she adds.

Part of the industry’s explosion is related to the proliferation of new platforms: “The new platforms that emerge make customers come back to us to continue dubbing their content,” explains the executive.

In Cannes, Universal Cinergia seeks to meet current clients face to face, build new relationships and deepen its footprint in Europe and Asia. “I come here to meet companies from Europe and Asia, although there aren’t as many companies from Asia as in previous years,” says Aquino.

The clients that are there and are key to Universal are the Turks: the company has been so important for the explosion of Turkish content in Latin America that in 2022 it was awarded an award by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce. “We have a great job with customers in Turkey and we are going to have an event in 2024 to celebrate Turkish content,” says the executive.