Following sales to the US and Spain, the Finnish-Chilean coproduction has been acquired by RTBF in Belgium and ETV in Estonia.

Eccho Rights announced its series Invisible Heroes, which recently won Prix Europa for best drama series 2019, has been licensed to new clients worldwide including RTBF in Belgium and ETV in Estonia.

These new sales come following previously announced sales to the United States and Spain.

Born out of a unique collaboration of Finnish and Chilean broadcasters YLE and Chilevisión, the series premiered successfully in Finland last year and so far, also premiered in Sweden to excellent results.

It tells the story of Finnish diplomat Tapani Brotherus who, against the explicit orders of his own country, saved over 2000 Chilean citizens from persecution by the General Pinochet’s government following his military coup in 1973 in Chile.

“We have received incredible feedback and are happy to see Invisible Heroes continuing its internationally trajectory as well as being recognized by festivals around the world,” said Nicola Söderlund, Managing Partner at Eccho Rights.