The dubbing, subtitling and translation studio will be introducing its newest international facilities during the event in Cannes.

The Kitchen, the Emmy Award winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling studios, will be introducing its newest international studio during Mipcom 2019.

“We are obviously very excited about continuing to expand our international language capabilities,” Yoram Chertok, Managing Director of The Kitchen EMEA explained, “and we are especially looking forward to unveiling our latest location during Mipcom.”

The newest “Kitchen” studio will join the already impressive international location list that includes Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Turkey and the US.

“Clients are now looking to consolidate their language needs, and The Kitchen always aims to stay ahead of our clients’ needs”, Chertok continued.

“Locating the right partners in territory and vetting them as our in country-owned studios, has been a great deal of fun. We take pride in knowing that we’ve added the best possible partners in each country, and their work over the past two years since we first introduced The Kitchen EMEA has been exemplary”.

Representatives of all of the international “Kitchen” locations will be present at the event.

Yoram Chertok will also be joined at Mipcom by Ken Lorber, President/CEO; Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President; Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales and Maria Herazo, EMEA Coordinator.