The Mediaset Spain channel announced the premiere of its new Turkish bet, Con olor a fresas, and the acquisition of two new titles in the genre: The Game of My Destiny, distributed by Global Agency, and Heart of the City, distributed by Eccho Rights.

Divinity continues to bet on Turkish dramas with the premiere of Con olor a fresas, its latest bet on the genre, which will hit its screen this Friday, June 10.

In addition, the Mediaset channel announced the acquisition of two other Turkish titles: The Game of My Destiny (distributed by Global Agency) and Heart of the City (distributed by Eccho Rights).

The series:

Con olor a fresas follows a self-taught pastry chef who loves strawberries and the charismatic heir to the Mahzaroğlu holding company who hates routine and runs away from responsibilities have nothing in common. They come from completely opposite worlds and can’t stand each other since the day they meet her eyes for the first time and the day she loses her job because of him. Fate will make them meet again in an idyllic coastal town, where both will be carried away by love and passion.

The new fiction will premiere on Divinity this Friday at 11:00pm, and is available as of today on the Mitele PLUS premium platform. After its premiere, it will be broadcast on the women’s channel from Monday to Friday at 7:15 pm.

Con olor a fresas

In addition, new illusions and fears of the past are intertwined in the plot line of Heart of the City, the series that brings together Kerem Bürsin, who achieved international popularity as Serkan Bolat in the romantic comedy Love is in the air, and Leyla Lydia Tugutlu (Sweet revenge).

The action begins when Ali, an attractive crew member of a cargo ship, who witnessed the murder of his mother during his childhood, is forced to disembark in Istanbul, his hometown. In the Turkish capital, his destiny will intersect with that of Derin, a charming dancer with whom he will fall in love at first sight. Following this beautiful woman, Ali will be immersed in the adventure of his life, in which love will lead him to reconnect with Istanbul, a city that he considered part of his past.

Heart of the City

Öykü Karayel (Kuzey Güney) and Akin Akinozü (Hercai) play the leading couple in The Game of My Destiny, fiction centered on the figure of Asiye, a mother whose world falls apart when her daughter Nergis is attacked by a neighbor, forcing her to to sacrifice her well-being in order to provide her two children with a better future.

When Mahir, a handsome stranger, welcomes them into the home of her family, the Derminhans, she is shocked to meet her ex-husband Cemal de Ella, who left her years ago. Asiye will be torn between Cemal, married to Helin Derminhan, and Mahir, for whom she feels an irremediable attraction. In the suffocating atmosphere of the Derminhan mansion, marked by betrayal, jealousy and romance, Asiye will try to leave behind the drama of the past and find happiness for herself and her children.

The Game of My Destiny