Acclaimed Turkish actress Öykü Karayel (Ise Yarar Bir Sey) and Gökhan Alkan (Kocamın Ailesi) star in Late mi corazón, an adaptation of the South Korean series Dakteoseu

Divinity will premiere Late mi corazón (Heartbeat) this coming Monday, February 13, at 6:15 p.m. in Spain. The Turkish novel, distributed internationally by Global Agency, will be available at the same time on Mitele Plus.

Öykü Karayel (@imoykukarayel with 2.7M followers on Instagram), awarded the Best Actress award at the Bosphorus International Film Festival in 2017 for her work in Ise Yarar Bir Sey, and Gökhan Alkan (@gokhan_alkan with 3, 1M fans on his Instagram account), who rose to popularity in Turkey as a result of his portrayal of Tarik in the series Kocamın Ailesi, give life to the leading duo in this Turkish adaptation of the acclaimed South Korean series Dakteoseu.

Directed by Aytac Cicek, director of the hit series, Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird, Heartbeat is a thrilling tale of romance, intrigue, medical plots, jealousy, and professional rivalry, set in Istanbul.

Dr. Eylül Erdem, a renowned neurosurgeon, meets Ali Asaf Denizoglu, the professor who inspired her career and her first love, at the hospital where they both work. While the romance is rekindled between the two, Dr. Erdem tries to find out who is responsible for the death of her grandmother, who died several years ago in the same hospital during surgery. Eylül was very close to her grandmother, since her mother committed suicide and she went to live with the old woman in the coastal town of Marmaris, on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

It is Professor Ali Asaf, secretly in love with Eylül, who inspired the young woman to become a doctor. However, a misunderstanding caused him to be expelled from the girls’ institute and move to the United States. Twelve years later, he returns to Turkey to join his father’s hospital staff. Eylül’s professionalism and talent impresses both Ali Asaf and her rivals, the doctors Oguz Dagçakrak and Selim Can, who will be hostile to her, as will Bahar, the neurosurgeon’s former partner. Eylül’s life becomes complicated as she investigates the death of her grandmother, an investigation that has the unconditional support of Ali Asaf and that will lead her to discover dark secrets of the hospital.