According to Parrot Analytics, on the week of February 5 the platform’s first MCU original series registered an impressive 111.2 times more demand than the average series, becoming the world’s most demanded title across all platforms.

Less than four weeks after debuting as the inaugural Marvel Disney+ series -and just before Disney’s upcoming earnings call- WandaVision has become the world’s most in-demand TV show, across all platforms, according to Parrot Analytics.

Following a relatively soft first week, where it rattled between #7 and number #35 worldwide, WandaVision had been the second or third most in-demand series since January 22, when episode three was released.

On February 5, the same day episode five was released featuring a widely discussed shocking ending, the Marvel series finally catapulted to the number one series worldwide, and has remained there ever since (as of February 7).

The last day for which we have data available (February 7), WandaVision was an incredible 111.2x more in-demand globally than the average TV show worldwide.

WandaVision’s rise to number one worldwide is a testament to the weekly release strategy employed by Disney+, which has also helped lifted the streamer’s flagship original The Mandalorian to the world’s most in-demand series during its runs, as well as the strength of Disney+’s pre-established IP.