The recovery plan led by Bob Iger completed one of its most important goals, with a third round of layoffs that brought the total number of employees who lost their jobs to 7,000

Last Friday, May 26, The Walt Disney Company completed the third and final round of announced layoffs, which affected, in total, 7,000 company employees around the world, with a focus on the audiovisual industry, not so much on job related to theme parks.

Disney has not yet officially communicated the details of what this reduction in jobs means for the giant’s business in Latin America. Contacted by ttvnews about the future of the offices in Chile and Colombia, among other things, the company simply stated that, as of July 1, “commercial advertising sales representatives for The Walt Disney Company in Chile and Colombia have been designated to manage said operation with local clients, except those of certain categories and pan-regional clients. Until then, we will be in transition.”

The reduction of 7,000 jobs means 3.2% fewer employees for the company, taking into account that Disney had about 220,000 employees in October 2022.

This round of layoffs was one of the first actions Bob Iger decided to take upon his return as CEO, in place of Bob Chapek, who had succeeded him in 2020.

The dismissals were carried out in three batches, the first at the end of March, the second at the end of April and the third this past Friday, just before the long Memorial Day weekend in the US.

The layoffs are an important part of Iger’s goal of reducing the company’s operating costs by $5.5 billion.