Produced by Cocktail Media and CJ ENM, the series, and its spin-off Bugsbot G, will be distributed by DeAPlaneta worldwide outside of Asia.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment and South Korean leading media company Cocktail Media have reached an agreement to distribute the kid’s animated HIT series Bugsbot Ignition and its spin-off, the short-form animation series Bugsbot G outside of Asia.

Bugsbot Ignition, an animated series aimed to kids between 6 and 9 years old, has been airing in China (Jinying Cartoon, Toonmax, Yooman Cartoon, among many others), Taiwan (YoYo TV), Hong Kong (Viu TV), Indonesia (rtv) and, of course, South Korea (Tooniverse, MBC, AniOne, Cartoon Network, among others) where it has become a real phenomenon. In addition to this, the 24 different toy lines of Bugsbot Ignition which were commercialised in South Korea reached the #2 toy sales rank in domestic sales.

Bugsbot Ignition, a kid’s animated series (6-9 years old) made with a unique hybrid format that combines 2D and 3D animation, consists of 26 episodes of 22 minutes each and is co-produced by South Korean leading media companies Cocktail Media and CJ ENM. The series shows a fantasy world where humans and insect-shaped robots called Bugsbots co-exist in harmony until an unknown virus spreads in the Bugsbot world.

Carlos Biern, Director of Distribution and Contents of DeAplaneta Kids & Family, has commented: “Bugsbot Ignition is exactly the kind of anime-style IP that DeAPlaneta Entertainment is currently betting on for Western territories: a local IP, with success in Asia, that has the potential to become a global brand. The quality and dynamism of its animation, as well as its action-packed duels and adventurous stories address also hot topics such as environmental awareness and human-machine interaction, ideal for engaging new digital audiences. Bugsbot Ignition has also a natural licensing potential thanks to its almost unlimited number of transforming bugs-shaped robots, which have already become hugely successful toys in several countries in Asia”.

Steve Sangmin Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Cocktail Media, has stated: “We are delighted by our partnership with DeAPlaneta Entertainment and the global distribution of Bugsbot Ignition and Bugsbot G. This collaboration reflects the success and universal appeal of our animation projects. We are confident that DeAPlaneta’s expertise will introduce Bugsbot’s captivating world to new audiences, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we’re eager to see Bugsbot’s reach expand on the global stage.”