Day 2: Spanish Content Takes the Step and Goes Global

The second day of the event confirmed the eagerness for alliances and new business models for the creation and delivery of content.

By Sebastián Amoroso, Fernando Moreno and Ana Paula Carreira, from Miami, USA

The second day of Content Americas 2023, the new event that has taken over the month of January in Miami  since the cancellation of Natpe Bahamas, had a very good rhythm, with the assistance of big players from the international market, and a full schedule of conferences, panels and keynotes.

In this regard, the second day featured notable keynotes, such as Fernando Medin, who leads Warner Bros. Disovery in Latin America and US Hispanic. Medín shared his vision of the new company and his plan for the region, among which he highlighted the strength of its portfolio of more than 50 brands of pay TV channels, the status of streaming models, as well as the relevance of production of local original content.

Also part of the conferences was a session dedicated to investment funds to carry out audiovisual production projects in the region, with the participation of Edgar Spielmann (Screen Capital), Francisco Cordero (BTF Media) and Ángel Zambrano (Storya), who They shared their experience and vision regarding the creation of funds that in their early stages contemplate between 20 and 25 million dollars for the development of projects.

Regarding market news and trends, announcements of distribution and co-production alliances stood out, such as Eccho Rights, which announced the sale of Golden Boy to Atresmedia in Spain and Mega in Chile, while the latter also acquired Chrysalis. Both titles from OGM Pictures of Turkey.

For their part, Ana Barreto and Juan Aura from The Independent Studios (TIS), the Paramount production company (formerly Estudios TeleColombia and Estudios TeleMéxico), shared details about their projects currently in development and upcoming releases for 2023, including the filming of the fourth season of El capo, a series that is taking place between Mexico and Colombia.

Eduardo Lebrija, new executive VP and regional leader of Paramount Latin America, stressed the importance of original content in the current strategies of the US giant: “We have a very robust international content portfolio, where we have free and paid streaming platforms, open and pay TV, and we do many events around it.”

Global Agency is presenting in Miami some of the most attractive series in Turkey, formats that are beginning to make noise in Latin America and its great bet: the remake of the mega-successful One Thousand and One Nights, the spearhead of the boom of Turkish dramas in the region. “Little by little, our formats are growing in the region,” highlighted Iván Sánchez in this regard.

Likewise, Agustín Sacanell, co-founder and general director of the Argentine production company Kapow, commented that his presence in Miami is aimed at advancing in open negotiations with different clients and learning about the needs of the market, in order to feed such a wide catalog as diverse.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Mellino, from Onceloops Media, announced that the production company currently has three “major projects in development”, with Caracol Televisión, The Mediapro Studio and Comarex, in addition to others with large players such as Disney.

Erik Jensen and Jimmy van der Heyden, from CDC United Network, presented their latest big movie bet, The Three Musketeers saga, and revealed details about three original movie projects already in development in Latin America.

The event also included cocktails such as the one organized by iZen from Spain and Non Stop TV from Argentina.

The night had as a great closing, the cocktail and screening of Telemundo Global Studios, where the studio presented the most recent projects, among which are the recently released eighth season of El señor de los cielos o Hicran, the first co-production of the sealed alliance between Telemundo and Inter Medya of Turkey, announced in May 2022.