TV Time revealed to ttvnews the 10 most binge-watched Spanish-language series during July worldwide. The Netflix series took the top spot.

On July 3, Netflix premiered the final season of Cable Girls, which ended the OTT’s first Spanish series after five seasons.

And, as expected, the last season was a success for the platform, as evidenced by TV Time data.

On the one hand, the digital meter had placed the Spanish series as one of the most popular worldwide in the week of its premiere.

And now, TV Time exclusively revealed to ttvnews the 10 most binged-watched Spanish-language series during July in the world, a ranking headed by Cable Girls.

In the rest of the Top 10, classic series such as Money Heist, Elite, Narcos or Vis a vis stand out, but also newer proposals such as Vis a vis: the oasis, Control Z or Valeria. A separate mention for Rebelde, who continues to demonstrate its popularity years later.

Top 10 most-binged Spanish-language series of July

1 – Cable Girls (+4)

2 – Money Heist (-1)

3 – Élite (=)

4 – Vis a vis (=)

5 – Control Z (-4)

6 – Narcos (+1)

7 – Valeria (-1)

8 – Vis a vis: the oasis (nueva)

9 – Rebelde (nueva)

10 – The House of Flowers (-2)