Amazon Prime Video unveiled a new Spanish documentary series for its Amazon Originals: G.E.O. Más allá del límite, a new production by Buendía Estudios for the platform.

Amazon Prime Video announced on Tuesday its next Amazon Original from Spain: G.E.O. Más allá del límite.

It is a documentary series produced by Buendía Estudios, which delves into one of the most prestigious elite police forces in the world: the Special Operations Group or GEO.

The 8-episode, 50-minute series, which has already begun production, will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories.

For the first time in its history, a camera crew has exclusive access to the extremely tough selection process for new members, which lasts for more than 7 months. Hundreds of applicants start and only a few will end up passing the tests necessary to become GEO members.

In each episode the progress of this group of aspirants will be followed, delving into their personal history, their reactions to harsh tests and their transformation throughout a process that will put their physical and mental capacities to the limit. Subjected to extreme stress, deprived of sleep and exposed to excruciating conditions, applicants will have to overcome their worst fears to be prepared for what may lie ahead.

“We are excited to be able to bring Prime members into this arduous selection process through G.E.O. Más allá del límite,” said Georgia Brown, Director of Amazon Original European Series at Amazon Studios.

“It is a production full of action, adrenaline, tension and competition that will bring both all Spaniards and our global audiences closer to the path of the most qualified Spanish police officers to become part of one of the best elite corps in the world”, she added.

“It is an excellent opportunity to be able to transfer and bring to the citizens the education and training of the police aspiring to join the Special Operations Group. It is one more part of the daily work that the National Police carries out to protect and help society, guaranteeing the full exercise of their rights and freedoms. It is a good opportunity to see that we have a modern and prepared police force, one of the best”, said the GEO / GOES Chief Commissioner, Javier Nogueroles Alonso de la Sierra.

“Viewers around the world are going through a process for the first time that has not been seen in GEO’s 40 years of existence. We are very happy to be able to convey to the world, by the hand of Amazon, a story with which we are committed to a new way of narrating and understanding the great entertainment documentary,” said Ignacio Corrales, general director of Buendía Estudios.

The executive producers of the project are Jorge Pérez Vega and Ignacio Corrales and the director is David Miralles (El Xef, 21 days, Samanta Connection).