Present at Natpe, the company announced the Santa Evita series will begin filming in may in Buenos Aires, with a cast led by Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio, Darío Grandinetti and Francesc Orella.

Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Santa Evita was one of the few Fox Networks Group Latin America projects that continued on at Buena Vista Original Productions.

The series was one of the highlights at Disney’s presentation during the LA Screenings, in which they also announced alliances to produce the series with Salma Hayek (Ventanarrosa), production house Non Stop and Rodrigo García, who joined the project as director.

And now, present at Natpe Miami, Buena Vista Original Productions confirmed the series has been greenlit and will begin production in May in Buenos Aires.

The cast will be led by Uruguayan actress, Natalia Oreiro, as Eva Perón. Her husband, Juan Domingo Perón, will be played by Argentine actor Dario Grandinetti. The cast will also feature Ernesto Alterio as Coronel Moori Koenig and Francesc Orella as Dr. Ara.

Santa Evita is based on the book by Tomás Eloy Martínez.

The project was created by FOX and at one point had Movistar+ as a coproducer.

It tells the true story of the adventures that Eva Perón’s embalmed body lived after her death.

Its premiere is expected to be during 2021 on Disney+.