Composed of 7, 30-minute episodes, and filmed entirely in Mexico, the fiction series will premiere on the platform in 2023.

Disney+ announced that filming is underway for El poder de los girasoles (“The Power of Sunflowers”), an inspiring new fiction series from the Disney+ Original Productions label.

Entirely made in Mexico by BTF Media, the production follows a young tennis player whose life changes completely when she has a serious accident and must move to Mexico to enter a physical rehabilitation center, where she will establish new bonds that will transform her forever.

The series stars a talented cast of actors and actresses, made up of Carla Adell (Maggie), Luis Vegas (Tobías), Samantha Acuña (Rebecca), Juanpi Macías (Noé), Maya Rosas (Carmelita), Manuel Castillo (Mateo), Victoria White (Alex Hernández), Luz María Zetina (Andrea) and Saúl Lisazo.

It will arrive on the streaming platform in 2023.

To be filmed during the next few weeks in different locations in Mexico City, Malinalco and Acapulco; featuring a working rehabilitation center, El poder de los girasoles is a compelling story that will inspire audiences with powerful messages of perseverance, resilience and optimism, while connecting them with a cast of charismatic characters whose stories hold valuable lessons. Among other values, the series highlights the importance of friendship and family ties, as well as the strength and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve the best version of oneself.

The cast of the new production is completed by Daniel Martínez (Gabriel), Dai Liparoti (Luisa), Harding JR. (Ray), Nelisa Nieto (Stephy Harrison), Ian Sebastian (Maison Reiner), Ian Vinitzky (Anthony), Pamela Moreno (Mona), Marissa Saavedra (Aurelia), and Tomás Rojas (Benjamin).