The Globoplay series will be available through Joyn, one of the most important streaming platforms in Europe.

The first season of Aruanas, an original Globoplay production co-produced with Maria Farinha Filmes, continues to advance in Europe in 2020. After debuting in France, it now makes an important new landing: on the German streaming platform Joyn, one of the most important in the country. Aruanas is offered within the premium section of the platform, Joyn PLUS+.

According to Raphael Correa Netto, Globo’s International Business Director, the arrival of the series at Joyn shows the success of the work that the company has been doing in the international market to take its series to an increasing number of countries in Europe.

“Globo today has a robust portfolio of series with current themes, in line with society’s trends, which have narratives that talk to people from all over the world. And seeing that Aruanas gaining more and more space in Europe signals us that our strategy is being assertive”.

With 10 episodes, the series written by Estela Renner and Marcos Risti, with the cooperation of Pedro de Barros and artistic direction by Carlos Manga Jr., is set against the Amazon and makes a connection with the global challenges on forests and climate. Freely inspired by real events, it tells the story of four women who risk their lives when investigating a gang of environmental crimes. Natalie (Débora Falabella), Luiza (Leandra Leal) and Verônica (Taís Araújo) are childhood friends and, together with Clara (Thainá Duarte), unite to defend the environment and found the NGO Aruana, name of indigenous origin which means “sentinel”.

The plot takes place in the fictional city of Cari, in the interior of Amazon, where the reality is harsh and strange facts happen: a cry for help in the tone of anonymous denunciation, people mysteriously falling ill, murders and threats to indigenous peoples. The activists, each on their investigative path, create a mosaic of evidence that leads to a major scheme of environmental crimes involving illegal mining and a renowned national mining company.